Ann Taylor Lightweight Donegal Knit Skirt

October 27, 2010

I really needed to blow off steam after a frustrating day at work so I tried good ol' retail therapy. Shopping does wonders for the soul. The sale selection at my local Ann Taylor is often mediocre at best so I wasn't expecting much. The only 00P skirt available was this Lightweight Donegal Knit Skirt, on sale for $49.99 from $98.00. Frankly, it didn't really look that great on the hanger but I figured I haven't had much luck finding work skirts and it looked small enough on the hanger that I took a gamble. When I got home and tried it on...I was more than pleased. It fit quite well and is so comfortable.

It's a pretty stretchy material so I think it can accommodate someone a size bigger than me. I have included the tag in case you are interested in purchasing it. It's no longer available in small sizes for petites online but I bet client services can help you track one down. Vicky has mentioned that if you order a full price item they can waive the shipping charge on the entire order. If you only purchase sale items the shipping charge is $7.50.

I also stopped by Ann Taylor LOFT and picked up the Habutai Flutter Sleeve Tee in a dove gray color (top left picture)...the regular XS is way too big on me. I know I should've tried it on but I was not feeling the fitting room. I also went to H&M and found a really amazing deal which I will write about at a later time.

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  1. super cute skirt elle! i love the shape of it. the color is cute too and looks versatile enough to match all those different color shirts. i been having trouble with skirts too! maybe i'll stop by AT when i have time, wished they were closer to my work.

  2. omg the first set of 5 photos look so cool. You look like a mannequin. :P Really diggin' the first outfit! Very slim and sleeeek. The skirt is very versatile!

  3. That is such a pretty skirt!!! I love the pretty hem!

  4. Thanks for the review! That looks like a great length for work!

    Sorry that you had a rough day today! :(

  5. Lol.. I enjoyed the musical chair with all the different tops :) That looks like a nice skirt, definitely work appropriate but with a fun flare, hopefully you'll get lots of use out of it!

  6. It's a lovely skirt but it is a little big on you. Something of a tighter fit will work better. You are so petite!

  7. This skirt looks really nice on you and I like the longer length -- makes it much more work appropriate. The flare definitely differentiates it from the normal pencil skirt and adds so much more style to your outfits! Love the first set of 5 pics with this skirt on you. The skirt is so versatile!!

  8. Wow that's so awesome how versatile that skirt is. It is a bit big on you but I guess only when you pull on the back like that. That's a great work staple.

  9. The skirt is lovely on you, my favorite way you paired it with the pink tie shirt. Don't you feel so much better now with shopping? Boys don't seem to understand how much we feel better when we buy pretty things. =0D
    Oh, what did you get at H&M?! I scored a dress for $20 there a few weeks back. I really wanted the pink layer dress by Mr. B talked me out of it. Can you please talk me into it again? It's only $40.
    By the way, is the only way to use the Client Services is through the stores? I tried emailing them and they haven't responded.

  10. That is a beautiful skirt. I bet it looks great with black boots for a sassy look. I like its color and fabric. You always manage to find good looking items.

  11. Ping - I would love to see how you wear AT since your style is more fashion forward than AT's somewhat vanilla style. :) Keep us posted.

    TLDP - lol, thanks? :)

    TinyInTexas & PetiteXXS & Kileen - I love it too. I think it's a more flattering shape on me than most pencil skirts.

    Michelle - thanks for caring. The shopping drove out all the blues. :)

    Curls & TGB - it's actually the right amount of loose I like. I was just trying to show that the dress can probably accommodate someone bigger and taller. :)

    Hanna - I'll be posting my hm haul probably tomorrow...just two dresses and a jacket so not really a great haul. great prices though!

    Nelah - that's a great suggestion and definitely a look I will be trying. Thanks for the always helpful advice. :)

  12. So it might have been a bad idea to post up the striped blazer haha everyone wants one now. But look at this one! Not in petite yet but maybe it will come out soon

  13. Love, love, love that skirt! and it's so versatile. Retail therapy does wonders for me too;)

  14. Love the tweed look plus the slightly flared silhouette! It's very flattering on you. I like it especially paired with the Ruffle Cardigan and the Tiered Top - super cute!

  15. i love the sheen of the skirt! a great piece for the workplace:)

  16. The skirt is definitely a good buy! I love all the looks you created just by changing around the top. What pair of shoes are you wearing in the 2nd to right pic with the skirt? I love the toe area!

  17. Okay, I'm finally getting caught up on blogs!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you've left on my blog! Super cute skirt!! And I agree, retail therapy can do wonders to help sometimes! ;)


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