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October 17, 2010

The boyfriend came to visit this weekend and we had a fun evening at the mall where we browsed Express Men and ended up buying some work pants for him. I had to coax him into getting the pants because he hates having too many pieces of clothing in his closet at once (and most of that closet space is occupied by beaten up Beatles t-shirts).

I stopped by Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft while we were there because I have wanted to try on all the cute things that other petite bloggers have reviewed in the last few weeks. Most of the good merchandise and small sizes were gone because I am late to the party but I still found some things to buy in spite of the lackluster selection.

My only purchase from Ann Taylor is this Silk Crepe Smocked Sleeve Shirt in deep aqua, it was on sale for $19.99 and the smallest size available was 0p. The material is somewhat stretchy so I grabbed it even though the 00p would have worked better. I sort of had a change of mind when I came home and took pictures for this post. It's...not very flattering on me. What happened?

Ann Taylor's sale merchandised was really picked over and barely discounted so I passed on a few items that I would've gotten if they were marked down appropriately.

I bought a few items from LOFT because the 40% off promotion is still in effect. They don't look as great as they did in the dressing room but I guess good lighting and a slightly distorted mirror can have that effect.

I got this Petite Multi Tier Shell top in XSP, as this was the smallest size available at the LOFT near me. PAG tried this on in XXSP and declared it too "birthday cake"esque. The boyfriend was not a fan either but I threw on the blazer I was wearing over it and it looked somewhat less cake-like so I took it home with me to ponder further. SPG has it too!

Up next is the Habutai Flutter Sleeve Tee seen on PetiteXXS here and on TinyInTexas here (several other petite bloggers posted pictures too but I can't find links right now). It's pretty stretchy so the XXSP fit me too. This top cost me about $15 after discounts.

My third purchase from LOFT is this V-Neck Top with Front Draping in XXSP, I remember seeing it on a petite blogger too but my memory is too fuzzy to remember now. AHA, it was SPG, here are her modeling pictures. This is my boyfriend's favorite...I don't really understand why but at less than $20 I was willing to entertain his opinion.
My last purchase from LOFT is AN's favorite Ruffled Front Cardigan in XSP Turquoise (also seen on several other petites, including PAG, SewPetiteGal, PetiteXXS, & Vicky) looks to be a sad return because it was the only one available in the entire store. I don't think it's available online anymore so I took it home. No pictures because I totally forgot about it when I was snapping away. Really REALLY lovely in person and I completely understand why it was recommended.

Lastly...these are pictures of my J. Crew purchase...the first shipment. I still haven't taken pictures of the second package as it's still in the box.

My favorite has to be this silk motorcycle jacket in 0 seen on another lovely blogger here. It's a super thin material so my boyfriend was unimpressed. I really like it though and I've already worn it out. It got a lot of looks from the ladies on the streets so I'll take that as a compliment.

I also got the Petal Stream Tank (left) in XXS and the Alice Ruffled Tank (right) in 0p. I am incredibly disappointed by the decline in J. Crew's quality...the petal tank is so poorly constructed that I briefly considered returning it (which never happens because I hate the hassle of returns) but then realized how difficult the return process is. I am not happy with J. Crew right now and didn't even bite on the 30% off sale that took place this weekend.

I won't post modeling pictures of the Rose Vines romper because I haven't figured out how to wear it properly.

I am really enjoying all the posts I have missed out on this weekend and am SO EXCITED that the third Petite Fashion Challenge has been announced.

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  1. i actually love your loft purchases. the tops are really cute and i really like the pink top with the flutter sleeves!! my bf is a fan of jcrew and i go into the store with him all the time, but i never find anything for myself. i think the quality for the men stuff is better than the women stuff.

  2. What a shame about the quality of J.Crew! I haven't ordered from them in so long, ever since I tried their suiting, which was a complete disaster. I bought a wool skirt from them recently, which I love, but maybe they're going cheap-skate on their tops?

  3. I think my favorite on you is the flutter sleeved tee.

    Too bad about the quality of the J Crew items! I haven't shopped there in years (none in Canada that I know of!) and I'm usually not impressed when I'm at the outlet malls.

  4. My favorite item is the flutter sleeved tee. The color looks really nice on you. Too bad about those JCrew items. I stopped by JCrew outlet yesterday but couldn't find anything.

  5. great pics from loft! i really love the flutter sleeves and all the ruffles. great finds :)

  6. Ooh I like the blue and fuschia tops! I tried on the blue top when it was still $50ish.. $20 is such a steal for 100% silk! I haven't been inside a J. Crew store in years.. perhaps since high school, but based on your experience and some other blogs I've read seems they've gone way downhill in quality and selection :\

  7. I love the tie-front LOFT top on you, too. It could be the color that your bf enjoys. My husband likes neutral colors that are close to my skin tone. Unfortunately the LOFT I was at this weekend was all out of the xxsp for that top. :( Glad you were able to get some good deals!

  8. Those tops from LOFT look lovely on you plus good deals too. I had to ban myself from shopping for a while but it has been hard already seeing all the cute stuff on you and other bloggers lol.

  9. haha my boyfriend is sorta opposite. He likes to buy clothing, but he's very picky on what to get. His closet consists of the same pieces over and over but in different brands, colours, and material. LOL

    I like the top in your third purchase! It's very simple, but flattering on you. The motorcycle jacket seems a bit boxy, in my opinion.. but I can see it working out in real life. It probably just looks like that in the photo? : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. The Petal Stream Tank looks really nice on you. It's too bad that the quality is not up to par. I actually haven't been too impressed with J. Crew lately and haven't stopped in their stores for months. You did find some great buys though!

  11. Ooh I love the flutter sleeve top and your boyfriends fave top!

    Too bad about the J. Crew stuff. I find that you have to be reallllly careful with their stuff these days because alot of the ruffles are frayed or unfinished and it just looks bad. I ordered the perfect fit ruffle scoopneck tee and it looked like a science project! I had to return that. Thanks for your reviews!

  12. I like the last three Loft tops you got! I actually like the tiered top on you:) It doesn't look bday-esque at all! Sorry to hear that J.Crew has been a disappointment, lately. Though, the silk jacket is a great find! Yes, definitely take the stares as a compliment;) I would definitely be gawking if I saw this jacket on the streets. I found a few things I like on the J.Crew extra 30% off sale, but I had to resist especially after paying some bills this weekend:( Btw, I gave a little shout out to ya on my blog hehe It's about PLNDR:P Have a great week, Elle!

  13. I have the cupcake top too :) I think it's a cute top when belted or worn with a blazer/cardi. My favorite purchase of yours is the fuchsia flutter sleeve top - the color really compliments you.

  14. Ooooo great purchases! I got both the flutter sleeve top in 2 colors and the drape top in green! Wish there was the color you had on in stock!! You look great!

  15. You got some really great deals, that's so awesome! I actually love the tired top, it's super cute! I was disappointed with Ann Taylor's selections in-store as well, but I guess that's to be expected since they only carry their smallest sizes online now.

  16. What a great haul! Your trip to the mall was definitely worth it =) I agree with your bf, I like the pink top the best on you. The fit and the color really flatters you. Nothing is final sale, right? You could always return the ones that looked good in the changing room but somehow looks totally off the next day hehe.

  17. Wow, what an awesome shopping trip! I think the cupcake top is cute, but its definitely one that I think needs other pieces to work with it, of course, pieces like that are great! I also like your boyfriend's pick! And the silk motorcycle jacket is really cute too! :)

  18. The AT top is quite a steal, especially for silk. The bust looks a bit odd but other than that I don't see why you think it's unflattering? Your BF's fav LOFT top looks good on you... I tried it and it was big and baggy on me. And J.Crew has mostly been a miss the few times I've tried it in terms of fit, but I didn't know their quality can be suspect as well. And I say return if you don't like it! Beats wasting $$ on something that will just take up closet space and make you feel unhappy every time you see it!


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