Abercrombie & Fitch Additional 20% Off Sale + Taryn Rose Flats

October 11, 2010

I went to A&F yesterday, armed with a 20% coupon that I found online, and walked out three items richer and a few Andrew Jackson's poorer. The selection at my particular store was never spectacular so I wasn't really expecting to get anything, I even printed the A&F Kids coupon just in case. I was so happy to get them for the price that I did even though I still need to work out how to style them.

I can't find this denim skirt online anymore but I do recall seeing it only last week in a few sizes. I picked this up in a size 00 (tag also says 24), as that is the only size available. It is so tiny on me and I think it's skimming the line of indecency. In the pictures below I wore it with my Theory Darlin Blazer in 00 and Dolce Vita Madison pumps in 7.

The second item I got is the A&F Julia Dress. I had tried on this dress a few months earlier when it was still full price and was unimpressed with how it looked on me in spite of my obsession with seersucker. It's $14.45 online before the additional 20% discount. Like PetiteXXS I also do some opposite season shopping to get the best discounts so I think this dress will be perfect for next summer. I think it doesn't look great on me without a cardigan or a jacket but I love seersucker (did I mention that already?). Sorry about my bra straps showing in the pictures.

The third and last item I picked up is the Britt Dress. I had been eying this since it first came out because, again, I love seersucker and I like that only the skirt portion is seersucker. I got this in a size XS.

I had anticipated spending some money with all the Columbus Day sales going on and was worried I would be unable to resist all the good sales, I am fairly happy I didn't spend more than I did. Baby steps, I guess.

I also ordered these Taryn Rose flats last night because I have wanted to try them for some time now and the price has fallen enough for me to risk the unfamiliarity with their sizing. I ordered these in a size 7.5 because the reviews warned that the length of these flats were shorter than average. Was originally $385 (GAH!), on sale for $49.94. Free shipping over $35 with code SHIPR (free DSW membership required).

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  1. Wow, A&F (and kids) have printable coupons now? I remember back in the day when i loved them I would always scour the web for printable coupons w/ no luck.

  2. Great finds! I love those flats... I might have to get some for myself - what an awesome discount!!

  3. oh cute dresses!! i love a&f for basic casual clothing. you look so tall even with flat. i feel uber short when i wear flats...lol!

  4. I'm so jealous, I tried my hardest to find a denim skirt without tears or that stupid moose logo forever with no luck! I really like that skirt on you, it fits you nicely.

  5. PAG - Yes, I was (pleasantly) surprised too! I am happy that they finally got with the program...the whole no-codes thing must have been terrible for business. You know I'll take my money elsewhere when I can't feel like I am getting a decent deal. :)

    Erin - you should! I don't know if they'll sell out before my order gets here but the sizing is supposedly iffy so I was going to try to do a fit review before recommending it. Proceed with caution!

    Ping - Ping, you have great proportions and that's ultimately what matters. I was actually wearing kitty heels (they are like shorter than an inch) in those pictures...I think the angle just made them seem like flats.

    Hanna - the denim skirt actually had a (subtle) moose logo...I looked at it for a good five minutes to decide if I would wear it in spite of the moose. Thankfully the logo was stitched on in a faint enough color that it just sort of blends in. You don't think it's too hoochy?

  6. OH I loove A&F and love the stuff you picked! I love how their clothing conforms to the body but is casual and not clubby. Though I've never been, somehow I picture the seersucker summer stuff being worn at Cape Cod or something :p Though most people hate the logo, I love the A&F and Hollister logos. So youthful. (I'm trying REALLY hard to not let go of my youth LOL and am DETERMINED to continue wearing tight sweats with words printed on the butt and moose logo clothing! If I ever have kids I'm going to be the embarrassing mom who wears inappropriate clothing hahaha!)

  7. What a great haul! The denim skirt might be bordering on indecent for work, but it'd look great for a night out. I like how you paired the blazer with it.

    I'm a sucker for seersucker (ha ha, I'm so corny). Both dresses look great on you. Don't you hate buying things in the off season only to have to wait practically another year before wearing it?!

  8. So much cute stuff!! I love seersucker too! And those Dolce Vita shoes rock! And that's an awesome deal on those flats, congratulations! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment today too!! :)

  9. The flats are very preppy and cute. I like that blazer too. Good fit.

  10. Good deals + cute clothes = great shopping day! Good finds today! What color cardi/jacket would you pair with the 1st dress?

  11. That denim skirt looks really great on you (as all of your clothes do)but I'm wondering if you could wear it to the office that short. The other two dresses look very cool and summery - Big fan of seersucker!

  12. Sophia - I don't want to grow up either. It's good thing that I am short though because I still pay kid prices at chinese buffets (WIN!). I just hate the moose because it's so random.

    Cee and Callandra - lol, I couldn't wear that skirt to work even if I wanted to. I just don't wear denim to work because though it's not enumerated in office conducts handbooks I just don't think it's appropriate. It's cute though but I couldn't think to wear it with anything else other than blazers. I bought it thinking it'll be longer/less tight...I wonder who A&F actually designs for? Really small petites or somewhat revealing average height people or really provocatively dressed tall people?

    Matt & TGB - Thanks! :)

    SPG - I am thinking maybe a white long cardigan (that I don't own YET) or a red one. At least I can say I am going for the patriotic look. :)

  13. I think I tried the same seersucker dress on too! Briefly considered getting it, but decided that it wasn't flattering up top on me :\

    Thanks for sharing the coupon! I had no idea they accept coupons now either.

  14. I didn't know A&F had coupons! Wow, that's awesome! I'm with you and PetiteXXS, I'm a fan of opposite season shopping, too:) It's such a great way to save! I may have to use the coupon on the A&F shorts PetiteXXS reviewed on her last post. Love the dress on you and it's such a great deal! Wow, those Taryn Rose flats are a steal! Looking forward to ur review on those:)


  15. Theory darlin blazer suited well on you!!To find more deals Click here


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