Work Outfits : Rampage Dress + Alberta Ferretti Oxfords

September 02, 2010

A few weeks ago I saw this really beautiful Theory dress at the outlets. I was smitten with it but more than a little put off by the price tag. I figured I'd wait until it goes on further sale and hope that my size will still be available. As fate would have it, I soon came across this Rampage dress in XS, the last of this size, for $25 at a TJMaxx. It looked like a distant cousin of the Theory dress that I coveted and at a fraction of its price I took the plunge. It fits surprisingly well and (IMO) looks better in person. My only complaint is that I think this dress would have worked better on someone with a shorter bust line, the belt actually falls a good two inches above my natural waistline which doesn't bother me too much but I am a little nit-picky.

Shoes: Alberta Ferretti Oxford Pumps

Additionally, a while back I posted about this BB Dakota sample sale on PLNDR, Well, they are having another BB Dakota sample sale and this time I got an e-mail for $10 off any purchase. I snatched this skirt up in size 0 for merely $4.94 (originally $40, on sale for $9.99, shipping is $4.95, $10 off code (10NOW), total: 4.94.)

I'll do a review when the skirt comes, I am hoping it'll be longer on me as I think the fit model has about 6 inches on me. Still available in 0s and 2s here.

Lastly, and I am sorry about the delay, I am really spacey sometimes. But I finally had an opportunity to measure the Miss Selfridge dress from this post and these measurements were taken with the dress laid flat. Bust: (almost) 14 inches across. Waist: (almost) 12 inches across. It's a bubble skirt so I think it'll accommodate up to a 35 in hip? There is little to no stretch so someone super small like PetiteXXS would probably fit it comfortably.

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  1. I like the dress! So perfect to throw on for work. And holey moley $4.94 for the skirt ~ good deal! I went to go sign up for PLNDR.. and then it told me I'm already a member! LOL. I think I'm subscribed to 7 of these discount sites now!

  2. Oh you look so sweet, this would be the perfect work outfit! x

  3. really like this dress! and great find on the skirt! yay!

  4. The dress looks good... kinda makes your legs look like they go on for miles!

    And I suppose you're practically calling my name about that dress :) Will go measure one of my own to see if it might fit.

  5. I really like that dress on you and looks like it fits you quite well. I am interested in seeing the review of BB Dakota skirt. I have been eyeing that brand for a while but haven't ordered anything from themm (yet).

  6. I love the dress... It looks good on you... You rocked it good... So chic! =)

  7. Oh I love that dress on you! I think the longer length is super sexy and I adore those shoes!

  8. What a great price for that dress. Glad you found an even better dress than the one you originally wanted. It looks terrific on you! If the high waist bothers you, maybe try it with a wider belt. Forever 21 always has some cheap but nice wide belts.

  9. cute dress....great fit and i like the color.
    wow can't believe you got that skirt for so cheap...i never find anything on sale. i'm a bad bargain shopper. lol

  10. Sophia - I know what you mean! I feel like I keep signing up these discount sites...I have actually lost track of which ones I am a member of.

    Jamie-Lee, Fashion Profiles, & Diana - thanks!

    PetiteXXS - ha, the belt was really high up on my waist...I honestly felt like I was belting my rib cage.

    Sydney - I'll do a proper review of the skirt when I get it. I suspect BB Dakota number sizing runs smaller than the alphabet sizing. I have a feeling this size 0 will be too small for me. I noticed that Jen from FromHeadToToe wears BB Dakota and she's extremely petite so I think you might find some things there that will fit you.

    Melissa - thanks!

    A Bigger Closet - thanks for the wide belt suggestion, I'll definitely look into it. I am actually in need of new belts so your suggestion is really helpful! :)

    Ping - I sometimes get lucky with these finds...we'll have to see if this skirt even fits. I have a feeling I might need a size 2 in these...if it doesn't pan out you can call dibs on them.

  11. What a cute dress!! Fits you really nicely too!!

  12. i like the color. great for fall.

  13. Great find, Elle! Oh wow, love that skirt! Can't believe you got it for so cheap!

  14. The dress looks amazing on you!!!


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