Work Outfits & Dortitos & Talbots?!

September 29, 2010

I haven't posted that many work outfits lately because I have been uber boring lately. These days I roll out of bed, grab what's still hanging on the hanger (read: CLEAN), and put it on...resulting in slightly more reserved but mega standard outfits.

The Rampage dress I got from TJMaxx is getting a lot of wear since it's a nice boring charcoal color, my favorite go-to shade when I wake up slightly colorblind in the morning. And, in my continuous effort to incorporate rarely-worn items into my daily outfits, I added this little glittery jacket I got from Nordstrom's junior department. I wore this a lot when still in college but have since retired it to the Siberia of my closet.

And this outfit from yesterday is repeated at least once every week, sometimes I'll swap out the skirts and blazers but since they are all the same color no one can really tell the difference. In this particular outfit I was wearing my favorite Express button-down, a surprisingly small Victoria Secret skirt (this 0 is much smaller than any 0 I have ever gotten from them), and the Pippa blazer that I got from Bloomies a few weeks ago.

And in the interest of consolidating posts, I thought I'd do a review of a new flavor of Doritos that I found in a Walgreens in the Bronx...I was on my way to the airport and stopped to grab some snacks. I love trying new flavors of snacks (unless they are vegetable-flavored chips, then I refrain) but was disappointed by this one.

These Doritos 2nd Degree Burn Fiery Buffalo (long name, right?!) chips are nothing special. It's like someone at the Doritos R&D department decided to throw in a bunch of different flavors that sort of taste like artificial hot buffalo wings on some tortilla chips and advertised it in a bright orange bag...I don't think this flavor will make it to the 12oz bags. Spicy, but not the good kind of spicy, has heat in aftertaste which I don't like. It's also a little sour, I don't know why...may just be my taste buds being confused. I won't be picking up this flavor again. If you like Doritos' other "spicy" chips you might enjoy these...I prefer my chips slightly sweet whenever possible.

And I just read Bianca's post on Talbot's promotion - 20% off and $5 flat rate shipping. The code that Bianca had posted was 900400673 (expires 10/11/10). She linked to a printable version so go to her post.

There has been some discussion of Talbots petite on AN's forum and I keep meaning to go to the mall and try on some new designs but I can't seem to locate the store in the mall by my house anymore. I remember walking past it in total disregard because I thought it would be a few dozen years before I would need to shop at Talbots but now that I am actually actively looking for it I can't find it. In any case, I might order some items online this weekend since I was so impressed by Bianca's picks! Their newer designs are reminiscent of Ann Taylor but I have heard good things about their quality so I am really excited. Talbots also allows in store returns according to HM63 so that's a better policy than about 90% of the stores out there. Furthermore, Talbots makes clothes for both petites sizing and "woman" petites sizing (I don't know how I feel about this distinction just yet) which I applaud. I feel that far too often in an effort to expand into petite markets retailers will make clothes for about 70% of petites but then there are those on the extreme ends of petite sizing who often get sized out.

I am looking at these:

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  1. I can see why your Rampage dress is getting a lot of wear! It has really cute sleeves plus it fits you very nicely. I get in a bit of a grind when it comes to work clothing as well. I hate wearing the same thing twice so I would always try to wear a different accessory to go with it.
    I seriously couldn't stop laughing when I read your Dorito review. LOL. I read the blog title on my Reader's List and was thinking, "hmmm, I'm thinking work clothes + weekend outfits since she mentioned chips..." I'm pretty much a snack whore and when it comes to Doritos...I'm an equal opportunist. =0> (RANCH IS MY FAV but it makes my breath stinky)

    As far as Talbots, I've been noticing a few cute things online. (That patch pocket dress is my favorite!!!!!!!!) But I went to my Talbots and it was the same old, drab clothing and none of the cute, new stuff. I wonder when all of the stores are going to have the cute clothing that they have online?

  2. I like the pink shirt with the black blazer, that's really nice contrast! I wish those flat rate shipping would apply to canada too!

  3. The first dress fits you like a dream! Man oh man would I love to raid your closet :)

    I recently got some new flavor Doritos too.. and you're right ~ they just sprinkle some kind of seasoning that taste nothing like what they advertise but is enough to *slightly* differentiate it from the other flavors! lol.

  4. I really like the first dress!!!! And you are a size 7? Lucky girl!!! I wish I had bigger feet!!

    And doritos...........YUMMIE!

  5. The dress fits you well and I love the sleeve detail, it makes lighter and not so boring actually. As for Talbots, I've been contemplating getting their things too since the new trendy stuff looks nice, but I'm not sure I fit their sizes because I heard that the sizing is still pretty generous, especially when it comes to pants.

    Please do a review if you buy from Talbots, I'd love to see how they fit! =)

  6. The Rampage dress looks beautiful on you and I love the jacket that you paired it with. Definitely not boring at all. I've also been thinking about trying out Talbots. They had a big store in Destin that we stopped in, but they don't carry 0 petite (the smallest size they offer) in the store. I was dissapointed.

  7. I have to say, I have a HARD time shopping the Talbots stores in person. The stuff is not as well merchadised in the store as it is online. I pass things right by the in the stores that I HAD TO have online. Then I try it on, and I am like OH YES< this was the item LOL. I cannot explain it at all. Maybe I will post about that and see what other shoppers say.

    As for the distinction between petite and women's petite, womens is where they draw the line to charge $5-$10 more for everything :-P.

    I really hope the clothes fit you ...I had always thought of their fits as overly generous, but just recently, I got sized out of the regular petites dept due to the (smaller) resizing of their line. Hopefully they cut it small enough on your end!

  8. The Rampage dress looks great on you. I can see why you get tons of wear out of it =)

    Speaking of chips, have you tried the Jalapeno Cheetos (can't remember the official name)? It is SO addictive! My boyfriend and I can't get enough of it.

  9. Hanna - I love Ranch too, it's my favorite Doritos flavor!!! I am visiting the bf this weekend and there's a talbots in his town...I'll be back armed with reviews...I hope. :)

    PC - I think someone on the AN forum said you can return things to the Canadian stores too if things don't fit. :) You are super tiny though so I don't know if the p0 would be too big on you.

    Sophia - you are welcome to at anytime. :) Doritos does get lazy with their flavors, but the classic flavors are universally loved.

    RP - Yes I am. I wouldn't say I am lucky, it's fortunately a fairly common size so I rarely have trouble finding shoes.

    stylepint - I'll definitely try to make it to a store to check out their sizing, I have heard from numerous sources that the "new" petite sizes are smaller than the old sizes...crossing my fingers

    Callandra - I don't understand why they don't have more free shipping and free returns promotions since they don't seem to carry the small sizes in would make sense for a retailer that recently restructured their size chart.

    Biance - I haven't been in a Talbots ever (maybe twice, accompanying my mom) and I don't recall being excited by the experience. I usually go in armed with a bag of mini gummi bears while my mom browses. I would love to see more posts on Talbots from you! :) I am not really that small nor big so I doubt I'll be sized out...I was speaking mostly for the much smaller and much bigger girls.

    Cee - I LOVE JALAPENO CHEETOS. Sorry, too many caps. I am taking a break from flavored cheetos because a short while ago I bought two cases (one case each of hot cheetos and jalapeno cheetos) and then ate all of it (like 96 99 cent bags) within a month or so. I decided it's best to take a small break from that. :)

  10. I have a charcoal dress similar to that. That style seems to be all I wear nowadays, it's quite irritating. I'm feigning to wear leggings! lol, i really want to try those doritos- love spicy anything!

  11. I love that first dress! It fits you nicely and seems versatile too. As for Talbots, it's always been a "Mom" store for me. I think I wandered in one time while desperately looking for an interview suit 7-8 years ago (nothing fit, and I ended up getting a suit from "Petite Sophisticate" which was horribly ill-fitting but was the smallest I could find... this was the age before BR or AT carried 00P/XXSP).


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