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September 13, 2010

Happy Monday! My outfits have been rather uninspired lately so I haven't posted any recent outfits but I think I can stand to get some feedback as I hope that will motivate me to get out of this slump.

I wore this to work last week. I was wearing an Anne Klein jacket in 0, Larok dress in S, Rampage pumps in 7. I used to love this Larok dress but I could only find it in a size S and it makes me look really boxy (especially in pictures) so I am thinking about donating it.

I used to love smocked dresses as they are extremely comfortable but I've come to realize over the years that they aren't flattering to my body type. This Juicy Couture smocked bubble dress is the only one that looks ok on me. I wear it a lot in the summer because it's so comfortable. It's a size M, I loved the green but they didn't have any smaller sizes available at the time. I think the M fits me just fine. I had an identical dress in navy in size P (or JC's equivalent to XS and the fit is similar, the bubble skirt just isn't as poofy as the medium)

This next combination is a little odd. I found this (I think the store tag said Versace) skirt at a TJMaxx Runway store when I was visiting my old roommates in Brighton. I don't think it's Versace but I just love the print and the fabric and at less than $50 I decide to get it and wear it as a dress. I have worn this skirt as a dress to work before, I just threw a blazer over it, wore some tights underneath, donned some closed toe pumps and called it good.

I had a blast reading everyone's blog entries over the weekend, though for a period of time my computer was acting up so I don't know if all the comments were successfully posted.

Additionally, if  you want a denim bubble dress (pictured a pretty small size), just leave a comment in this post and pick a number between 0-100. I'll announce the "winner" next Friday.

Also, I have decided to give away this BB Dakota skirt in size 0 that didn't look very flattering on me. My hips fit this skirt just fine but it was a tad big around the waist. If you like this skirt, tell me a story (in the comments or via e-mail - fastfoodandfastfashion{at}gmail[dot]com) about why you like white skirts...or why you don't.

Have a great week!

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  1. I want to see the larok dress without the looks pretty.

    the 2nd green fits you nice, but i'm not a fan of that material or the smocked look. i thnk it's nice for the pool?

    the 3rd skirt, i'd have never guessed it was a skirt. i like it belted. nice way of making it work as a dress!

  2. Hey Ping - I just added a picture of the Larok dress without the jacket...the quality of the picture is low though. :(

    The second dress is definitely a beach or poolside look.

  3. I actually really like the first outfit (although I don't know if I would wear that material to the office). The style does look very flattering on your shape though for sure. Your legs are a great asset, I'd definitely play them up. And, I have to agree with Ping on the second dress, looks good for lounging poolside or strolling on the beach. The third dress is adorable, I'd never have known that it was a skirt. Again, I wouldn't have worn this to the office, but then again, I'd like to see it with the tights and jacket to be sure.

  4. I know some people don't like smocking, and while I'm not particularly fond of the smocked look, I find that dresses with some partial smocking tend to fit me better (probably because they make them smaller thinking it'll stretch to fit). I think the green dress looks really vibrant on you. And how do you make sure the skirt-dress stays up?!

  5. Callandra - thanks for the advice. Work dress code can be relaxed so I try to get away with dresses that are not otherwise designed for work. I'll try to post pictures of it with how I usually wear it to work.

    PetiteXXS - I get what you are saying. I am on the larger end of petites so smocking isn't really very flattering on me so I tend to stretch them out (ick). The skirt dress stays up because it has no stretch so it's really tight where I button it. I'll post some pictures of the detail so you know what I mean.


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