Weekend Outfit : American Eagle Floral Dress in 00

September 20, 2010

This is hands down my favorite piece by American Eagle, I am sad that I have outgrown it by about half a size. It used to fit perfectly but now it's just too tight around my ribcage and bust area.

Similar dress from AE here

I am trying to make the most out of this summer-like weather and taking my floral dresses out for their last hurrah (until next year).

Speaking of dresses that don't fit me, I decided to give away this Miss Selfridge dress that does not fit me a while ago and the person who responded with the closest number to my former soccer number is PetiteXXS. She guessed 20 and my old jersey number was 14 (before that it was 4, but she is the closest to either number). If you are reading, please send an e-mail to fastfoodandfastfashion(at)gmail(dot)com with your shipping information and I'll get it out to you the first chance I get.

And because I am a little short on material I decided to share with you all my new favorite cyber-celebrity.

This little guy's name is Boo and he's somewhat of a sensation among dog lovers. He even has his own facebook page!

Pictures courtesy of Boo's facebook page.

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  1. What an adorable toy! Love love the big head. And the name is so cute! You really have lots of dresses :)

  2. the color of the dress is really pretty! it does not look like something AE makes.

    haha that dog is so adorable!!! love how hes so fluffy looking!

  3. The print in the dress is adorable! Boo, that it doesn't fit you anymore though. =0( I feel like AE and the rest of the clothing stores in the entire WORLD got on a sizing inflation. I used to never fit in an 00 at AE and now 00 is the only thing that fits over there.

    AWWW to the big fuzzy puff dog! No wonder he is such a celebrity he looks like a DOLL. I want to just pinch his little cheeks!!!!

  4. It doesn't look to small. It looks great on you. But if it is not comfortable, then yes, it would be better to wear something that feels more comfortable. :-)

  5. Sydney - I have TOO many. :) I am trying to slowly move in your direction though, more skirts since those are versatile. It's proven to be rather difficult.

    Ping - I was pretty excited to have found this in AE (it was a really long while ago though), I spotted it from miles away because it didn't blend in with anything else.

    Hanna - I hate size inflation...if things are too small I can at least size up but it doesn't work in the opposite direction. :(

    Sakie and Thomas - thanks. It's manageable as is but this dress is definitely inklings too small at this point...I'll fit in it in the morning but I wouldn't fit into it at night.

  6. That dog is SO cute!!! I just want to snuggle!

    I love the print of that dress, is there any way you can alter it to be a skirt?

  7. It always makes me sad when I outgrown items that I have developed a special attachment to. It was a good run though, I bet :]

    Boo is so cute!! I'm off to researching him now...

  8. OH MY GAWD!!! That DOG is to DIE FOR! I want one!!! Heheheh! The dress is adorable on you!!! Also, those SHOES! I love!

  9. Elle, this is such a cute dress! I'm with ya, I've been utilizing as much as my summer clothes as possible hehe Oh my gosh, this dog is soo cute!!! Aaah!


  10. I like the AE dress. It's pretty. And who is this little furry cutie? I'm in love!

  11. He is JUST adorable!! And oh lookie here, PetiteXXS won yet again : D

  12. AE has some serious sales at stores right now. You should go check it out. I am loving this dress. They were only $9.95 at stores

  13. Melissa - that's not a bad idea. I should look into it...I know nothing about what is alterable though. I usually just take it to the tailor and ask, I have this idea in mind, can you please tell me if this can be done?

    Christine - It did. I think the name of your blog is the cutest thing ever. :)

    April, Owl, TGB - thanks, you all are so sweet.

    PAG - There honestly wasn't that much competition, I don't think I "advertised" it too well. I am just glad it'll go to someone that can actually wear it.

    PLG - That's such a cute dress, and so cheap too! I didn't see anything like that when I was in the store a few weeks ago. I think I am due for a visit. :)

  14. That dress makes a perfect summer dress. Nice color and it looks very cute on you.

    OMG - that dog is so cuteeeee!!!

  15. PAG - Stop saying I'm "winning" things or you'll jinx me! Lol~ But thanks Elle! I sure hope it fits! :)

    And omg that dog is so unbelievably cute... he looks like a baby bear! Your dress is really cute too, I like the double layers of the skirt.

  16. OMG cuuuute doggie! Reminds me of Mr. Winkle!

  17. I am so in love with that little puppy!!!


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