Vineyard Vines Cotton Sea Island Cardigan in XS

September 08, 2010

Before last Sunday I had no idea Vineyard Vines made anything other than those ubiquitous totes worn by people who "summer." I was casually browsing Gilt's Preppy Handbook sale, which was just a compilation of various cardigans, slacks, blazers from preppy brands (like Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines) that didn't sell from a previous sample sale (Gilt's been doing that a lot - grouping things into stereotypes - in lieu of throwing all their inventory into the final sale clearance).

I saw this cute little jacket, or what Vineyard Vines preferred to call, a cardigan. I immediately put it in my cart then mulled over whether or not I really needed another short jacket. After five minutes of internal struggle I decided to get it since my red Chanel still hasn't surfaced.

When I got home today from work a nice little package from Gilt was waiting for me. I hurriedly open the box to see what lies inside. I was slightly disappointed as it became immediately obvious to me that this was a cardigan-jacket lovechild. The material was fairly lightweight to wear in the winter so I think this is suited for the fall.

The XS fits me fine, I can definitely wear about 5 button downs underneath and still be in good shape.
I do think it looks better only partially buttoned (like how the model wore it), when all the buttons are done up the cardigan makes me look boxy. Definitely not a bad price for something simple and classic for the fall. We'll have to see how often I'll reach for it to know the real value of this purchase.

I am so excited about tomorrow, my F21 haul and Amazon shoes should be getting here.

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  1. Can't wait to see your items tomorrow. I love the double breast on the coat! It looks nice!

  2. I'm thinking that if you button it up all the way (as pictured) it would look SUPER cute with "cropped rider pants". It does make you look slightly boxy but it can totally work with slim fitted pants! I think I said this because it reminds me of what girls wear for horse shows. I'm so random I'm sorry. LOL. <3

    For all other outfits I have to agree it would look best with the lapels.

  3. double breasted coats are definitely a must-have!

  4. I like cardigan always...partecipate to my giveaway if you want...

    follow me on twitter if you want

  5. I think this outfit needs a different material in the pants in order to really pop...I kept looking and looking and I was always drawn to the pants and the lay of them. I think a sleek material would draw the eye back to the jacket....


  6. Hanna - definitely! I unfortunately don't own any rider pants though so I might have to go shop for those. You are not random at all, I am sometimes inspired by clothing items too. :)

    Cig - I agree with you, I think the outfit I wore in the pictures (happens to also be the clothes I wore to work) was deeply reminiscent of what I'd wear in high school. Will try this jacket out with different pants for sure.


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