Under $5 : BB Dakota Skirt in Sz 0

September 07, 2010

Last week I posted about this skirt that I found on PLNDR, it cost merely $4.94 after discounts and including shipping. I was also excited about trying on more BB Dakota things after seeing how nicely some of their things look on Jen. I was worried the 0 would be way too small on me as I have like 20 pounds on the aforementioned petite blogger.

The skirt came in a sealed bag, a good start, I would say. Frankly, the skirt looked rather large sitting in the bag.

I soon found out that BB Dakota is likely another brand that has inconsistent sizing. This skirt fits smaller than the BB Dakota dress in XS that I have but is still a rather large skirt.

This is how it looked on the model. I am happy that it looks much longer on me (as expected, as I am only 5'2)

I wouldn't otherwise keep a skirt that fits poorly but it wouldn't make any economical sense for me to return something this cheap...the return shipping alone will probably cost more than what I spent on the skirt.

I wouldn't be opposed to giving this skirt away though if anyone is interested.

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  1. Wow- the waist is so big! I don't understand why companies are so inconsistent with their sizing!

    It could be really cute if paired with the right top and if the waist fit! Your waist is tiny :)

    P.S. I am adding you to my blogroll :)

  2. True, too cheap to return. But it really didn't look that ill fitting.

  3. look awesome on you way better then the model !!!

  4. aww that skirt is humongous!!! it looks kinda cute with those tennis shoes...haha.

  5. Holy cow! That skirt is huge on you. I can't believe it's size 0. It's a good thing that it only costs $5 bucks

  6. Really Petite - aww, thanks! I love your blog, it's such an honor.

    Girlie Blog - from a distance it looks ok but I tried wearing a tank top with this and it was obvious that the waist gap is abnormal. I think it fits my hips fine but I think it's meant for someone with a different body shape.

    Curves - aww, you are sweet.

    Ping - shhh, those are actually heels. :)

    PLG - It's only big around the waist, I think the length and the hips are fine. I just have to figure out how I can work to eliminate the gap. $5 is probably as much as I would spend on something as ill-fitted as this skirt though.

  7. That's why I don't shop online...I always want to try clothes first

  8. The skirt is cute, Elle! Sorry it was a bit too large, but it actually doesn't look that bad from the front. Ure right, it's definitely more economical to keep it than return the skirt. Such a steal! I really need to check out PLNDR:)


  9. I'm so sorry the skirt doesn't fit! It's really cute so I'm sure that's super disappointing for you. :(

  10. My, my you are a tiny waisted girl!! Boo, too bad on the skirt though. It does look kinda square on your frame and it should show off your curves!

  11. Ines - I agree with you. I just really don't like the crowds, having to sift through racks and racks of clothes to find the right size, and having to wait an hour for a fitting room, kwim?

    Owl - It doesn't look too big from the front in the picture, I should've taken a picture of me wearing a top while wearing the skirt, it made me look really oddly shaped.

    Melissa - I am a little disappointed too, but it didn't cost very much so I am not exactly heartbroken.

    Hanna - I am not very tiny waisted at all, I think this skirt just happened to run large. I try really hard to create the illusion of curves so when boxy things come my way it makes me feel rather sad. :(


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