Summer 2010, Where Have You Gone?

September 04, 2010

One of the things I really dislike about work clothes is that, for whatever reason, everything is usually too big and too long. Part of why I wear dresses to work (under blazers and in tights) is because dresses fit a lot better than most work tops and suit skirts. In the pictures below I am wearing an Anne Klein skirt suit in size 0, the smallest size I can find in stores. I also own Anne Klein suits in 0P and they are really not much different.

I haven't had the energy to get it tailored so it's being worn as is, which is really not very flattering. Just look at the length of that skirt...

I do like the button down though. I got it years ago and it's held up supremely well. It's an Express Stretch in size 2 (I couldn't find a 0 at the time) and it's one of very few Express items I own. I have it in a light blue color as well. I have gone back to Express in search of this shirt but have not found anything similar in quality or fit.

And in defiance of the going of summer, my long skirt and tank top combo:

Wearing D&G Bustier Top in 38 (can definitely size up, it is on the cusp of being too tight), Rue21 skirt in size M, Jessica Simpson wedges.

I decided I liked it better with the top tucked in so I wore it that way but in retrospect I think it would have worked untucked as well.

I have no plans for Labor Day (boo...the parents are on vacation and hundreds of thousands of miles away; the bf is visiting his parents back West...bffs are starting school so they are back in their respective states) so my (older) brother and I will commiserate in our lack of plans and grill when Hurricane Earl isn't wreaking havoc outside (actually, I don't know if it'll hit CT at all).

I am a little relieved that I get the next few days off, I can finally go find some things I have been wanting to get. Here's my list.

Remote for Nikon
AE Skinny Jeans (Both PAG and PLG posted about this sale today, I have to go try some on in stores. I have a pair of semi skinny ones at home and it actually fits me normally. Maybe their sizing has changed?)
AT LOFT - I almost never find ANYTHING in a small size in the store near me but I am so in love with this little black wrap dress that PetiteXXS tried on.
Work appropriate tops similar to this or this or this
I realize that I have a ton of things that I want to buy, let's hope that most things look unflattering on me or else my wallet would hate me.

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  1. I like the top tucked in too. I think your suit looks pretty good. I like the color of the blouse.

  2. 1st outfit-- I don't think the length of the skirt is that bad. I think you can definitely pull it off having longer legs.

    2nd outfit-- I definitely like the shirt tucked in. What about a belt around the waist?

  3. I actually like the length of the skirt. I like it better with the jacket on than off though. That blouse is such a gorgeous shade of pink, I really like it.

    The second outfit looks fantastic on you! I'd probably belt it, like Ping said...but then again, I belt everything anyway. :)

  4. Girlie Blog - thanks! I love that color too.

    Ping & Melissa - what kind of belt would go with this? I am a novice when it comes to belting casual outfits...I usually do dark color belts with work outfits but other than straw colored belts I don't know what else would go with the second outfit.

  5. Isn't it funny how a mid length skirt can look ho hum but a really long one looks chic? I think the suit will perfect if you have the skirt shortened just a couple of inches. The long skirt and bustier outfit is so pretty. You can try a skinny belt over the bustier, or a wide belt if you tuck the top into the skirt. Tan belts are usually look good with summer outfits.

    Have a great weekend - hope you find the goodies on your shopping list! :)

  6. I really like the bustier! Very Pretty!! I might have it hemmed just to your hip bone for a longer leg line.

  7. I like the first outfit's color combo. Have you checked out Express's vneck work shirts? I bought one a year or two ago and really like it, but can't compare the quality to yours from years ago.

    I think the 2nd outfit would look better with a high-waisted shorter skirt that hits above the knee (top tucked in)... or like Ping suggested, a belt to break it up.

  8. Elle-- I'm envisioning a thicker lighter brown distressed belt....
    hope you're enjoying your weekend ;)

  9. What a beautiful bustier...I agree about trying a skinny belt over it! I also don't think the length of the skirt suit is bad either. Although it hits at that iffy right-at-the-knee length, your shins are long so it still looks good.

  10. I love that first look! So chic. And I really like the bustier tucked in.
    xo Josie

  11. I love your look with the bustier and maxi skirt, Elle! You know how much I'm loving maxis right now hehe The D&G bustier is so chic and versatile! I can commiserate, our labor day weekend plans fell through:( Hope you still had fun hanging with ur bro!:)

  12. the pink dress shirt is quite nice! The color is so vibrant

  13. I love the color combo of the skirt suit! So cute.

  14. Im a HUGE fan of the first outfit. The color of the blouse is daring and bold and really brings personality and vibrancy to the skirt and jacket. Both look good btw but I prefer the jacketless one more.

    The bustier is a great choice however I'd recommend some alterations on the length of it to just near the hip bone, otherwise a skinny belt would be great.

    As always a great selection! :-)



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