PLNDR Blowout Sale!

September 10, 2010

I can't believe I just noticed this PLNDR bargain bin sale.

A ton of really cute things, some of which I posted in earlier threads, now at rock bottom prices (I sound like an infomercial).

I ordered this Jack BB Dakota dress in XS, on sale for $10. The light blue version is available elsewhere for full price!

This skirt and this dress are both $10 now.

These gorgeous lace skirts are at $15 each. No longer available in 0s though. :(

I am trying to not go crazy and buy a lot of things without trying them on. THIS IS FINAL SALE, so no returns. :(

The code 10NOW will take off $10 from your order, shipping is $4.95.

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  1. oh gawd thaaaanks elle.. now i've got several items in my cart :p The "Ride or Die" hoodie is awesome, just wish it wasn't hot pink! Love "The Cain Tendance" too but only size L!

  2. Ellllle I am SO excited, I just placed an order for 3 dresses! I have a couple BB Dakota jackets that I adore, so I have faith in the sizing and style of these dresses! OOoh gosh I can't wait :D $25 (incl tax and s&h) for 3 dresses!!!

  3. Eek question for ya ~ did u have to enter code to get the $15 credit after first purchase or was it automatic? I'm hoping automatic b/c I didn't enter anything haha..

  4. Yay, will you please model the dresses when you get them in the mail? the $15 credit. I think those are issued the day after the first order is placed and it comes in the form of a gift certificate that you can find under the accounts tab. That's how I got mine when I first placed an order with them. Hope this helps.

  5. I wanted to get the lace skirt that Jen was wearing when you first posted it, but there were no size 0 left :( Can't wait to see how these look on you and sophia!

  6. OMG - what a crazy amazing sale! Thanks for posting!

  7. Amazing! I can't wait to see those dresses on you!

  8. Loving that white lace skirt!
    Great post :)
    Visit me:

  9. Okay, heading there NOW!! LOL That skirt is so pretty! Too bad all the 0s are gone:( Thanks for the heads up, Elle! Hope ure enjoying ur weekend!

  10. great items!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, the bustier I bought 1 month ago!

  11. My goodness, I love that BB Dakota in light blue (on the right). So pretty and the price is incredible!!

  12. that's really cheap! I like the 2nd dress to the top!


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