PLNDR 9PM-9AM Overnight Sale - $9.99 Items

September 30, 2010

I am not too pleased with PLNDR or BB Dakota at the moment but I thought I'd do a write up of this sale since I bought some items on the cheap. Sophia wasn't too impressed by the quality and Sydney thought the quality was only ok so I wouldn't recommend these items unless you are just looking for something trendy to wear.

Everything is priced $9.99 and lower, various streetwear brands (including BB Dakota, which leans toward the feminine which is what I prefer)

I ended up getting a few items that I wanted to get last time that came back in stock in my size.

I am not particularly pleased with PLNDR at the moment since the following has happened: 1) they unexpectedly canceled a Free People sample sale that was scheduled weeks in advance without notice and when I contacted them they didn't even respond?! Some customer service... 2) they now charge $2/per final sale item plus the "$4.95 flat rate shipping"

But since the items arrive in a somewhat timely (their warehouse is on the East Coast so things get to me more quickly than for those living on the West Coast) fashion and in impeccable condition I won't vent about this at length.

Invites are not necessary but you can use my referral link here if you'd like.

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  1. Hey I noticed the FP sale didn't happen that day either! I did check that day and thought perhaps I had misread.

    I contacted them to ask about my $15 credit, and they did respond within the hour? BUT, could be that they only respond if they have a good answer or know how to answer :p

    Those leggings=HOT. Can't wait to see!

  2. On a side note, my sister is in NYC this weekend and told me they've got plans to eat at Smack, Donut Plant and gay ice cream truck... been to any of 'em? I cannot wait to visit NYC (it will happen.. one day..)!!

  3. Oh, I didn't know about the Free People sample sale but I would be pissed if it got unexpectedly canceled as well. Free People has gorgeous (I ADORE it on Ping) but I can't afford their prices. =0(
    Thanks for the heads up on the cheap, trendy steals! The peplum dress is making me want to buy ahhhhh.

  4. Sophia - I think you are right about their CS...I think they too don't know why it was canceled (must have been low stock or something). :( I really wanted some bargain FP. I can't see myself paying retail for FP because I don't know if I can pull it off.

    Hanna - they have that peplum dress in red too! If you want the black peplum dress you can have it. :) I really don't need another black dress, I got it in a size 0 so it might be slightly big on you. When I get it I'll e-mail you and if you still want it I'll send it to you. :)

  5. It seems like there's some great finds for cheap at BB Dakota. I think Jack for Dakota Collective is slightly better than BB Dakota. Still trendy but not as cheap looking.

  6. hahah elle!! i signed up just for the FP sale...what the heck right?!??! ahhh i will see what kinda goodies they have though...can't pass up a good deal. :P


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