Petite Fashion Challenge #2 : Wear it Now, Wear it Later

September 30, 2010

Kelly at Alterations Needed is hosting the second ever Petite Fashion Challenge and this time we are asked to pick an item (or a few items) from our closet and create two outfits (one Spring/Summer, the other Fall/Winter) from it.

I chose this F21 lace top and a white kid tutu skirt that I found at TJMaxx. This is the base outfit.
 For the summer/spring outfit I added on this Will Smith lace jacket (similar here and here)

For the fall/winter outfit I came up with two different ones. In outfit#1, I threw on a long hoodie that I have had for years and added some bright-colored Patrizia Pepe pumps. In outfit #2 I wore over the lace top an Aqua blazer(still available here) and Miu Miu suede boots.

I would have added tights but it was literally 90 degrees in my closet and I was sweating like a pig.

My original idea for this challenge involved my favorite J. Crew purple gingham button-down (I have had this for years and it's held up incredibly well) and since I took the pictures I thought I'd post them here.

Fall/Winter Take II : Dollhouse faux leather jacket, Allison Izu Denim, and Charles by Charles David Pompadour pumps.

Spring/Summer : cardigan I got in Taiwan, BB Dakota skirt, Rebels sneaker heels (I want these Ash Thelma Wedge Sneakers too)

I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with! :)

p.s. don't forget to enter the $35 CSN Gift Certificate Giveaway!

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  1. I can't see the boots up close but I can tell that they are super luxe...jealous! At first I thought they were black pumps with knee high socks which I think you can pull off if anyone can. Great job styling 3 ways : )

  2. Those boots look gorgeous! I need to find a nice pair of boots that fit my calves instead of wearing Uggs everywhere :P I originally thought you were wearing a dress, but kudos for layering the white skirt underneath, I love that!

  3. I like the bright-colored Patrizia Pepe pumps! (I've yet to learn how to wear bright colored shoes)

  4. I love the tutu! What an interesting idea!

    My favorite is the style with the aqua shoes! :)

  5. Wow, so many ways to style! But I love your base outfit as is and the one with the boots. I'm just drawn to frilly

    The dress is so pretty on its own, it's such a shame to hide it under a cardigan/blazer! =)

  6. Holy cow Elle~ fall/winter outfit #2 is FANTASTIC!! You look like someone the magazines would pull off the street to photograph! Seriously, that outfit is so fashionable and something about it just made me go wow. Actually, I would like to see outfit#2 with the hoodie. I just love how that hoodie hits at the skirt hemline.

  7. Wow - I'm amazed at how versatile that dress is. If I saw that on the rack I wouldn't be able to style it to wear it even one way :P LOVE both Fall looks, with the cardi and the blazer and of course those boots!

  8. Layering a tutu under a dress is such an Elle outfit! I definitely have a ruffle skirt that I'm going to try this out on. The slinky cardigan and the structured blazer is so awesome with your base dress! I can't tell which one is better so I hope you wear them out separately for different occasions! PAG commented on your boots: I thought they were pumps with knee highs too! Really love them, they fit you so well. =0D

  9. I love your Fall outfit. I am drooling over your Miu Miu boots. They look awesome! You look stylish and young in every outfits. Thanks fir the heads up on I just checked and the sale is expired :( how come I never receive any emails from them.

  10. Super cute and creative. Love those boots, so beautiful.

  11. elle i love the outfit with the boots!! its very stylish and its definitely something i'd wear. i love how the ruffles peak out too.

  12. I love all the outfits! You've such great styling taste. Your closet is filled with girlie items, which I love :).

  13. Like everyone else, I'm loving the dress paired with boots. Such a hot look but still girly at the same time!

    Thanks for putting up the different looks for the gingham shirt as well! I've been looking around trying to find one and these are great inspiration =)

  14. I love your first spring/summer outfit the most, it's really cute! Great job of putting all of these looks together and those black shoes with the white piping are amazing!

  15. Wow, cute! Lovely boots.

  16. So many awesome variations on those pieces! Definitely a lot of creativity with that dress, and that purple button down is great too! And thank you so much for the comment on my blog the other day! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  17. My favorite is the one with the Aqua blazer. The blazer has just the right amount of slouchy coolness to take it beyond the office and also gives off a masculine vibe to balance out the girliness of the ruffles. Awesome!

  18. can i just say that you have very nice sculpted legs? what kind of sports do you play or what kind of exercise do you do? i sure would love my legs to look like yours.

  19. I love how the tutu under the dress makes it poof! My favorite is the outfit with the belted cardigan and bright blue shoes, but all your outfits look great! You really got creative for this challenge. =)

  20. So versatile- who would've thought? Btw, is that the canon rebel xsi?

  21. PAG & Hanna - the suede boots are a purchase from last winter...they haven't gotten a lot of wear but I love them. They have lace up details in the back but that detail was obviously not captured. I am hoping to incorporate them into my outfits this fall/winter.

    PetiteXXS - I think the boots weren't supposed to be super tight like it is on me, I just have strong (aka big bulky) calves. I can totally see why people would mistaken them for boots and knee high socks. :)

    Olyvia - I don't think one "learns" to wear bright colored shose. I for one just wear them when my outfit lacks color. You should try it, your outfits are all so cute but a little more color wouldn't hurt. :)

    Michelle & Stylepint - thanks, I love all things tutu and frilly, that's why I tried to style it for this challenge. I want to keep wearing them into the winter!

    Sophia - you are always so sweet with your comments, I think I am more likely the person being photographed on the street for wearing fashion faux-pas.

    Curls and Nelah - thanks!

    PLG - PLNDR is super flaky like that...they sometimes don't advertise sales at all. I think it makes it easier for them to pull the plug on sales if they don't feel like hosting them.

    Ping, Cee, Vicky, Callandra, Em, and Sydney - thanks. :)

    Matt - you have a great blog, I love reading your various outfits entries.

    AN - I feel like I didn't put as much effort into the last challenge as I should have so got started on this early. Thank you for hosting!

    Diana - I use a Nikon D40. :)

  22. Anon - I was a competitive sprinter and soccer player in high school but kind of stopped training in college. After college I started training in long distance so I run 6-10 miles a day when I can and bike when I can't. Thanks for your sweet comment, I have always been self conscious about my legs because they are really athletic (thus bulky).


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