Jack by BB Dakota Short Review

September 15, 2010

I got two items that I ordered from PLNDR today and remain puzzled about the sizing. I ended up ordering more from their Bargain Bin sale earlier this week because I saw some really cute dresses that I had missed during my initial browse. I'll report back then and maybe I'll have discovered a pattern.

The dress that I ordered was heartbreakingly small around the bust. I am a 32C and this dress did not want to zip up past my rib cage, you can sort of see my bra in the pictures because I think, for me, to comfortably fit in this dress I would have to go bra-less or wear pasties. I also want to mention the zipper...I don't know if it's flimsy because I haven't broken it yet but even I can tell it's not the greatest zipper in the world.

Here it is on the model. I hadn't noticed this when I was just looking at the pictures...but see how the dress gives her the appearance of a protruding tummy?

And here it is on me. I ordered an extra small, which is still available on PLNDR. I should've ordered a small because it is definitely way too tight around the bust. Too bad it's final sale. Does anyone need a periwinkle strapless dress?

I think it would be better suited for someone with a smaller underbust measurement. On me it just looks awkward.

The skirt that I ordered suffers the same problem that I encountered with this other BB Dakota skirt. The waist is a bit big but I think it's cute enough that I'll figure out how to wear it. I ordered a size 0 in this.

I think the color is gorgeous, I love royal blue for the fall. I can't decide if i like it tucked or untucked. I realize the difference is minimal but...

The waist gap problem

So far, from all the BB Dakota things I own, I have concluded that Jack BB Dakota runs slightly smaller than the main BB Dakota line. Common theme is that the waist is more generous than the bust.

Hopefully the second part of my order will come soon. I ordered two more dresses and a skirt. They are available on Revolve Clothing but are about twice as expensive as the sale prices on PLNDR. Also, this is for Ping, but PLNDR has a Free People sale on Friday. I think there won't be too many choices available in small sizes but it might still be worth it to check it out.

Available here in white

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  1. Ooh! I was waiting for a post from you b/c you ordered ahead of me. The periwinkle dress - is it a matte cotton-y type mat'l or does it have a sheen to it? What a shame on the skirt - the length and view from the front looks fitted for a petite! It's so weird.. do the makers not realize that with the length and sizing there's no way someone would have that big of a waist (if that makes sense)?

    My order shipped today.. keeping fingers crossed everything fits well!

  2. I received all 4 skirts I ordered from them. Guess what?? They all fit :) Isn't that awesome. I really like them especially for the price. Thanks to you Elle. I am looking forward to the rest of your order.

  3. the periwinkle dress...i think the pleating gives her the illusion of a tummy. i have a tulip dress and it has pleats in the back...so it gives the illusion that i have a huge butt...lol. i like the skirt with the shirt tucked in. the problem with the big waisted skirt is that you will have to keep re-adjusting because it will move...it's really annnoying. i hope i'm making sense.

    i really like the floral dress and that black lace skirt looks really sexy...can't wait to see it!!

    thanks for the heads up for the FP sale...that means i have to sign up for a PLNDR accout now!!

  4. Sophia - the dress is 97.5% cotton and 2.5% spandex and it has barely any stretch. Truly a struggle to zip it up. It has a satiny feel to it in spite of being almost entirely made of cotton. I get what you are saying about petite sizing though! I can't wait to see your dresses.

    Sydney - yay! I am so happy to hear that they fit! I think BB Dakota is just all over the place in sizing and I think I may have just gotten a little unlucky. I would love to see your modeling pictures, you have a way of styling that makes everything look terrific.

    Ping - I think it's the pleats too, really kind of flattering when it creates a belly illusion. :) I wish the pleats were in the back, I want a nice butt. And I know what you mean about skirts with waists too big, I sometimes sit down at my desk for an hour or so and get up only to realize the back of the skirt has somehow moved its way to the front.

    I have high expectations for the second part of the order. I am crossing my fingers they aren't too small or too big! Also, I have like $20 in PLNDR credit so if you see anything in Friday's sale you are welcome to use the balance of that (don't know how that would work, let me know if you do have a need for that).

  5. I love that skirt on you, so adorable....And I like it tucked in the best, but you're right the difference is minimal. I like the dress too, but I never wind up wearing something if it's uncomfortable.

  6. Such crazy discrepancies on the sizing! Seems like a lot of your recent purchases online will be given away ,eh? That dress looks so snug yet the skirt...such a gap. Bummer : /

    I saw FP on Gilt the other day and gave Ping a heads up via Sophia via twitter, lol!

  7. Callandra - I agree with you. I should know myself better but since the dress didn't cost very much I'll chalk it up to naivete. :)

    PAG - Yes, BB Dakota seems to be all over the map with their sizing...which is disappointing because I think a lot of their clothes are affordable and pretty cute. Well, so far no one seems to want any of the clothes that don't fit me so I guess if I can't get them to work for me in the next little while they'll be going in the to-be-donated bin. :(
    I now associate FP with Ping. I was at Bloomies the other day and was like, wasn't that dress seen on Ping the other day in a post...

  8. Sucks the dress didn't work out. But I love the shoes!

  9. Elle, I actually like how the dress looks on you. It's so cute! Sorry to hear that it's a bit tight. Ooo can't wait to see the upcoming orders. I've always loved the black lacey skirt:)


  10. i really love the dress, but it's not my size! He's so cute! x

  11. Like what Ping said earlier, the pleats give an illusion of a fuller frame. It doesn't look like you have a tummy in the side picture of the dress though! I see what you mean by tightness, it looks your girls get flatten/squished by the dress. As for the skirt, boooo on the dreaded waist gap! It looks fine tucked in and it might be difficult to wear with a belt because the of the tiering.

    Darn you and your big boobs and your tiny waist! -Shakes fist- LOL I'm totally joking. I wish I had a body like yours. =0( Looking forward to the next part of your review!

  12. Hanna - ha, you flatter me. It's not so much big boobs as big framed (I have the back of a quarterback, for real) and small waist as big butt. I can't wait to see the second order, I have a good feeling about them.

  13. Elle-- I just signed up for PLNDR....I don't see FP sale event that is coming up. Am i blind? LoL

  14. No you aren't. :) Their website is difficult to navigate at times and kind of rudimentary. If you click on calendar, found on the top right page, it'll tell you what's coming up...Free People should be listed, at least that's what they are telling me. Unless this whole thing is a hoax created for us to annoy you incessantly with random FP sale news.


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