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September 25, 2010

Early birds do get the worm! I woke up unusually early today for weekend mornings and in an effort to keep noise levels down so I don't wake up light sleepers in the house I decided to do some shopping/browsing. I had a few items bookmarked on J.Crew because I was late to the party last time and missed things in my size. You can imagine my surprise when two blazers that I have wanted for some time popped back in stock in size 0. I added a double serge skirt that I have wanted to try for a while to make free shipping over $150. Code: VC97BT.

First up is the Rose Vines blazer that I first saw on the cover of a J. Crew catalog. I loved the summery print but decided that I wasn't going to pay retail for it. On sale for $59.99, available in size 0 and 4.

Photo credit: J. Crew catalog scanned by Jezebel

I also bought the chambray schoolboy blazer in size P0. Now on sale for $49.99.

Lastly, the Stretch Double-Serge Pencil Skirt in Abyss Blue, size 00. The author of A Bigger Closet reviewed this skirt and it looks beautiful on her. I think this could be a great work skirt. ABC suggest that the "stretch" is more appropriate for the fall while the Double Serge Pencil Skirt is more winter-friendly. Sydney at Petite Gorgeous reviewed it and they look incredible on her.

I realize these blazers aren't exactly appropriate for the fall/winter but I think I'll get some wear out of them next Spring. I justified the purchases to myself with: these are "work clothes."

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  1. cute items you got elle! the school blazer looks like you can dress it up or down. the skirt is cute too, hmmm i wonder what the length is like. i like my skirts to be above the knee. can't wait to see you model it. if the skirt is longer on you then it will definitely be long on me!

    i wished jcrew has petite sizes in their stores. i'm tired of ordering online and getting excited and it doesn't fit sometimes!

  2. I think this skirt might be long, I didn't order the petite since it wasn't available in 00. It's less than $50 and if the quality is any good I might get it shortened. We'll have to see. :)

    I hate that petite sizing is only available in stores...don't they realize that it's easier to pull the trigger when we know that things will actually FIT?

  3. These blazers are awesome deals, Elle! Can't wait to hear your review on the second one:) I think I tried the Rose Vines blazer before (size 0), but it was too big for me:( Unfortunately, I have narrow shoulders. It's really cute, though, in person. Hope ure enjoying the weekend!


  4. The chambray schoolboy blazer is something that I've been eying as well! I'm just too whimpy at the moment since I've been tied up looking at Anthro and LOFT. So many cute jackets this go around...too many to decide! Too bad the skirt didn't come in a petite 00, I really think you need that size. I never buy JCrew clothing in the stores only accessories. Their small petite clothes always go out first. =0(


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