J. Crew Canterbury Bell Mini Skirt

September 27, 2010

My smallish haul from J. Crew was just dispatched today (I placed the order on Saturday) and while J.Crew was kind enough to apply the 20% off code (and FS over $100) to my order retroactively, my interest in my still-in-transit package is quickly losing steam. Why? because of this skirt that I just received.

(Code courtesy of J.Crew Aficionada: additional 20% off Final Sale items and free shipping over $100 code SHOPCREW)

I simply LOVE this pattern, honestly my favorite from J. Crew in a very long while but I hate their size inflation. I bought this in a size 00, thinking that I might only barely fit it. Turns out even I was sized out by this skirt.

Not a mini on me at all. So much for the Canterbury Bell MINI skirt. And just for laughs and giggles I decided to pull this skirt up as high as I can...there, mini skirt. J. Crew, take note!

AudreyBella of Life is Short...Buy the Shoes (love her blog name) also reviewed this skirt and it's also painfully long on her...she looks pretty tall in her pictures so I think J. Crew dropped the ball here. 

And since J. Crew's adult line doesn't love my height, I thought I'd give Crewcuts a try since they are offering free shipping on any order. I ordered the Canterbury Lila dress in Pearl. I figured if it's too short I'll just wear it like a tunic, no big loss. Plus, this print is SO beautiful and photographs really well.

Reviews on these coming soon: stretch double-serge pencil skirt in 00; chambray school blazer in 0p (similar NL on super sale!); Rose Vines blazer in 0

Contemplating buying: 

Canterbury of New Zealand at ShopStyle

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  1. Have you tried their petite 00? I have learned my lesson not to order anything in their regular line a long time ago.

  2. Hi Sydney, I haven't actually. I saw the double serge skirt on you and loved it but I got it in regular because they only had the 00 in regular. I regret doing that now but my other J. Crew skirts (some in 0 regular) fit better than this one. I guess this one should be thrown in with other wackily sized skirts. I just had such high expectations because I loved the print (and I don't usually go for crazy prints)

  3. Too bad about the fit of this skirt, that outfit you put together is great!

  4. Oh no! Is the skirt final sale? =/

    Do you have a link to the Canterbury Lila dress? I can't find it online. Super curious about the print :)

  5. Curls - thanks, I was out of idea on how to hide the fact that I practically pinned the skirt on myself to avoid it looking even longer. :)

    Cee - yes, unfortunately it is. I think I'll get it altered...shouldn't be too hard to take in the waist, the side and hem it two inches. :)

    Here's a link to the dress irl - Andi from Saltwater Dreams had gotten it for her daughter. It's essentially the same print as the skirt except it a "pearl" taupe purplish color


  6. Aww I hate final sale items... especially when they don't fit :( But I think skirts are relatively simple to alter so maybe it's salvageable?

  7. Ahhh booo...that pattern is fantastic. Sad that it is too large. :-(

  8. I have a little bone to pick with JCrew. I received their smart trouser shorts in the color shadow WHICH distinctively had this green metallic color in the picture. I received a dull, monotone color that looked gray all around.

    Back to the skirt, I agree they also went on a size inflation. A 0 still didn't fit on me but it didn't have 2-4 of gap around my waist. Are you going to alter it since Jcrew has this dumb policy with their no return sale items? -Shakes fist at JCrew-

  9. PetiteXXS - I am definitely getting this altered...I love this print too much to let it sit in my closet unworn. The fabric is interesting though so I don't know if it's as easy as we think.

    Bianca - I know, I was really disappointed as well. I mean, I am fairly petite but I don't know when J. Crew stopped (sort of) fitting me.

    Hanna - J. Crew has this way of photoshopping/photgraphing their products to make them look magical (I have pages from their catalog saved on my laptop to marvel because it's like movie stills)...and then you get the clothes and go, "eh?"
    I am getting it altered. I would have preferred this to fit off the rack but that didn't happen...moving on. :(

  10. What is it with JCrew and their magical photos? I get so disappointed sometimes with their clothes. I'm trying to not shop online with them right now...I may have stuff in my shopping cart.

    I also forgot to mention you look nerdy chic in the skirt uber high waisted style. I say you wear that skirt as a bra! LOL you should send the pic to JCrew going, "Hi. I'm Elle and this is what you should start advertising your clothing with these kinds of pictures instead. No more lies!"

  11. Too bad about the fit, but I do love the print (so fabulous)! Thankfully it can be salvaged at your tailors ;)


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