Free Amazon Prime for Caregivers & Jack BB Dakota Sample Sale

September 08, 2010

I am not qualified for this promotion, but I do know a few bloggers who read this blog who are parents of rather young children.

Go to Amazon Mom and sign up to get a three-month Prime membership for free plus 30% off diapers.


I received another e-mail from PLNDR a few moments ago and one of the advertised sales was Jack BB Dakota, sister brand to BB Dakota. There aren't too many options for sale but I grabbed a skirt in size 0 to try in the interest of science. The skirt is still selling for $60 at Urban Minx.

On sale for $12.99, originally $45. I used the $15 credit that I got for making my first purchase and the shipping discount code 395FLAT for shipping the order for $3.95. Total out of pocket? $1.94 (I am on a roll!) I quite like the color and I think it would look really great with an understated neutral-colored top and a blazer. If you've never shopped at PLNDR before you can use the code 10NOW for $10 off any purchase.

Will do a review of this skirt to see if there is any difference in size between this skirt and the main BB Dakota line.

Other cute things on sale that I passed on. The white skirt is the one that Jen from FromHeadToToe wore in a recent post...I had thought that she was wearing something from the regular BB Dakota line but it's actually from the Jack BB Dakota line. The skirt is still full price here.

On sale for $19.99
On sale for $24.99

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  1. I just ordered that lace skirt in size 2 (size 0 is no longer available). I hope it fits. I think Jen is one size smaller than me and size 0 fits her. Thanks for the code. It saved me $10.00. I have been eyeing this skirt for a while.

  2. PLG - I'd love to see a review when you get it! I am a little hesitant to buy BB Dakota because I am not sure how exactly things are sized (I got this second skirt because it would cost me almost nothing). The skirt does look to sit low on Jen's waist so the 2 might still be big on you. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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