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September 09, 2010

I took advantage of Forever 21's free shipping for orders of $40 and more last week and ordered from them for the first time in what appeared to be forever (probably years..). I first heard from The Owl's Closet about a sample sale for F21's Twelve by Twelve line and found some things that I thought might look cute. I am only reviewing the items that I plan to keep, everything else is going back.

This darling skirt photographs better than it appears in person. I just love the wings in the back. The XS fits perfectly, if a little snug. I have a little muffin top action going on but I am glad it's not loose around the waist.

These shorts were big. I definitely got them in the wrong size. I am not sure what size translates into F21's size 25, but I plan to get these altered around the waist.

I think my expectation for this top is a little high, I know it's far-fetched to demand F21 quality to be anything other than mediocre but I couldn't help myself. It looked truly beautiful in the pictures. I do like that it hooks up in the front instead of having zippers. I think it looks reminiscent of my A&F Mandy dress in pictures.

Also got some cheap hair accessories for kicks.

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  1. i love item #1 & 3....haha I must concur that the halter dress is quite beautiful. It's short enough to show off those long legs! What a fun dress!

  2. Oooooooooooo how cute! I agree with Ping- love #1 and #3. How come I didn't see that? LOL

    And choice on the accessories too! You did good!!!! The halter dress looks amazing on you!

  3. Ping - thanks, your comments are always so sweet. I think I should wear it as a top's long on me but it's still way too short to be worn by its own. :( The bf would be VERY unhappy if I did that.

    Really Petite - this F21 sample sale is really weird...they progressively add more items throughout the day and throughout the week so if you are only a day behind on their updates you will have missed something that looks cute. People really buy out F21 sale stocks.

  4. I love the first skirt!! Definetely a keeper, so cute, and you totally have the legs for it too.. lucky you! =P

  5. Cute skirt with the wings!!! I love your pink shoes too! The halter dress looks like it was made for you. It's funny how a lot of F21 things are replicas I mean cough.."inspired" from other designers. I can't whine at their prices though.

  6. your wearing your heels !!! great nude skirt

  7. I'm terrified to order anything online. I'm just incredibly lazy and can't handle the idea of figuring out sizing and then having to return things that don't fit and waiting for replacements and UGH. I wish I could do it though, I'd probably have a lot more things that I like in my closet if I took my time ordering online instead of grabbing the first "oooh, shiny" that I see. :)

  8. I think 1 and 3 are the clear winners here!!! As for using 3 as a top only I could see that for 95% of wearings but it looks just too good on you for you not to wear on a fun club/date night!!!



  9. Annie & Curves - Thank you!

    Hanna - can't agree with you more. I don't complain because sometimes the original pieces I like are "too" trendy and I can't see myself spending more money than F21 prices on them.

    Melissa - I do that too. What's with women and shiny things? (JK, JK)

    Cig - you are way too nice. I am still trying to figure out what kind of pants to wear with that top though. :)

  10. You really do have seriously long legs!! The first skirt is so cute but I swear if I wear that, I'm going to be mistaken for a 12 year old :P And I totally thought the 3rd top was a dress!

  11. I really do like that skirt on you, such interesting detail.

  12. PetiteXXS - I don't think so! I think a lot of super feminine and ethereal styles would look great on you!

    Callandra - Thanks! :)


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