Dusty Pink + Camouflage!

September 14, 2010

I was very inspired by Kelly at Alterations Needed's outfit from the other day. She mixed dusty pink with military green and I thought that was such a beautiful combination.

Wearing a F.A.N.G. jacket (S), Stella McCartney for Gap Kids tutu skirt in dusty pink (L), Jessica Simpson Wedges (7)

I have this skirt in green too. I wore it in this post. I know it's a kid skirt but I think it's the cutest thing.

I think this might be my main palette for the fall. Let's see how creative I'll be with this idea.

Also, in an effort to utilize every piece of clothing I own, I decided to break out this super old Gap (size S) overall. Wearing under it is a button down dress from TJMaxx and Lacoste flats. I wore this grocery shopping and got some weird looks.

Tonight seems to be a good night for petite bloggers. Off I go to read.

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  1. That tutu is adorable!! I really like the colors :)

  2. I think the skirt is darling! Love the tiered look.

  3. I think the skirt is cute too! I would love it paired with a military jacket or boyfriend blazer to man it up a bit! :)


  4. That skirt is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it from the color to the length to the texture. Super flattering length on your legs too. Doesn't look childish to me at all! Looks very feminine and fun!

  5. I adore that skirt! You look fantastic in it. Dusty pink and military green are really pretty together. Can't wait to see what you do with the combo for fall/winter!

  6. I have to agree with everybody else that the tutu is super, duper cute. I still have skirts from Abercrombie that I wore in my high school days and I can't pry my hands off of. Those overalls look a bit too wide for your small frame. Then again, I think this kind of look is supposed to be loose. I get funny looks if I wear my overalls and I'm from the south! Props to the both of us to be daring in fashion. =0D

  7. Elle, I absolutely love that first skirt on you. You wore that skirt so well and very feminine!

  8. Erin, GirlieBlog, Sophia, and Nelah - thanks for not judging me. :)

    PearlsandGreenTea - thanks for the suggestion. I am in the market for a military jacket so I'll definitely pair these together when I find one.

    Melissa - thanks, I wouldn't hold my breath though...I am not the most creative person.

    Hanna - you and I = avant-garde. We will totally bring the overall look back from its grave. :)

  9. i love that skirt and the color. it's so funnny and pretty and very you! i saw a dress by DVf on shopbop last night and it reminded me of you. let me see if i can find the link again and i'll send it to you!

  10. lol i meant fun & not funny!
    here is the link to the DVF dress. when i saw it last night, there were 0s and 2s left, i guess it's a popular item even @ that price!


  11. Awww, Ping, you are so sweet. You are right, this is exactly the kind of dress I would buy except it's sold out in the smaller sizes. :( Plus, I can't justify spending that much right now. :p

  12. YAY the tutu skirt looks beautiful on you. Well done on making it look grown-up and sweet. I too, sport children's clothing. I picked up the shorts from the latest Stella McCartney for GAP kids collection and adore them. Feel free to read about it here:

    Your blog name is ALMOST as cute as you. Us tinies need to stick together. <3

  13. Thanks do much for letting me know about the discount at Express. I received an email too so I will be going there for sure ;) Can't wait to see what you ordered and how you like your stuff.

  14. Cute Tutu! I wish we got the Gap designer collabs here in Vancouver-- that sweater that Stella McCartney did with the big leopard face on it is gorgeous!

    Have a great day Elle!

  15. that ruffle skirt has the best colour and style!

  16. I do love that color combination, so sweet.

  17. Elle, you look so adorable with the tutu skirt! I must check out Stella's collection!:) I agree, the dusty pink and military green is such a great combo! Thanks to you and Kelly for the inspiration:)



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