Cocktail Dress Hour : Marc Jacobs Feather Dress

September 21, 2010

I haven't done one of these posts in forever so I thought I'd go shopping in my closet and see what I can find. I had forgotten how much I adored this dress, unfortunately it's never been worn outside of my closet (not hard to figure, it's WAY too low-cut). I plan to get the front altered so I can feel more comfortable in it.

I found this beauty on ebay and fought tooth and nail to win it. I figured I would never allow myself to pay the $4,200 it supposedly retailed for but I can at least afford it on ebay. I don't exactly know what I can do to make it more conservative (therefore more "me"), any ideas how I can remedy this?

And here I am wearing the Theory Darlin set. Jean had asked if I planned to wear it as a set so I took a few pictures of me wearing it to see how it looks. I hadn't realized this when I was in the fitting room but the waist and hip areas on the pants are too loose but the legs are tight. I don't know if that's how it's meant to look.

I don't think it looks too bad as is, but I do think a trip to the tailors is in order. I have a few other things that need to be altered as well. My wallet already hurts.

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  1. omg that dress is beautiful....i love the feather detailing on the bottom. i'd totally rock that if i was taller like you.

  2. Whoa the way those pants fit you - that's exactly the type fit I'm looking for in a pant! I love ankle pants to be very fitted. I think they look great on you! Haha guess that goes to show how different my taste is from everyone else..

    That feather dress is amazing! Such a great party dress!

    p.s. Got my PLNDR order today! Will post tonight :) Thanks again for always posting deals and such on your blog!

  3. That dress is gorgeous and looks good on you too. It is so feminine and has delicated detailing all around.

    I also like the Theory Darling set on you.

  4. Ping - you and I are the same height! This dress would look perfect on you actually...but I love it too much to give it up right now. Maybe when I become less of a dress hoarder I'll look you up and see if you are still interested. :)

    Sophia - you have GREAT taste, I think these pants would be loose on you though. You have such thin legs, I have no doubt these pants were meant to be looser though. I can't wait for your post!

    Nelah - thanks. :) I loved your post on first love...I am lost for a comment though. :(

  5. That looks like a couture dress to me! How are you planning to alter it? Take up the straps? My first trip to the tailor was a shocker too... I probably spent more than I spend on clothes in 2-3 months in that one trip.

  6. I don't know yet. I think I might ask to see if they can add some hooks in the front so I can hook it up so I am not exposing my entire chest area. I would hate to blind some innocent bystander. I wish I knew how to sew or alter...I would save myself a lot of money.

  7. maybe some lace details or something in the front? i don't know either, but the details on that dress look fantastic!

    love the fit of the blazer and pants on you - you just seem to make everything work! :)

  8. The dress is beautiful. Are there any panels underneath that might be used to build up the front? You should take it to a seamstress that normally handles wedding gowns and see what they can do.

  9. What a dress!!!! It's breathtaking. I hope you come up with a way to make it more you so it can be worn out more often. What a statement piece.

    I think the suit looks lovely. The cutting is beautiful, so I think it's just the matter of taking in where it's loose. <3

  10. Diane Lien and Bianca said exactly what I was thinking about the dress. Why don't you ask the seamstress to add a bit of lacey or satin fabric onto the front of your dress? I think if you added a hook and eye closure it might cause the dress to pucker. Plus, it looks like it fits you well in the torso area.
    The dress - IS BREATHTAKING. Holy crap you need to wear it like now. (Well, after you get it altered)
    I can understand the vicious place that is Ebay...I bought 2 couture dresses from the Hello Kitty for Mac collection. They don't fit me at all. I admit I sometimes stare at them when I go into my closet. LOL.

  11. Diana - you are so sweet, thank you. :) I feel like I am learning a lot about how to dress better by blogging.

    Bianca - There aren't any :( Then again I don't know the first thing about what is useful in alterations. I'll definitely look up any wedding gown seamstresses in the area. THANK YOU for the excellent advice.

    TGB - Thanks!

    Chris - This suit has proven to be my favorite of all the jackets I own, the material isn't the most work appropriate but the cut is just incredible. I am in blazer heaven.

    Hanna - YOU NEED TO MODEL THOSE DRESSES. A.S.A.P. In fact, I am going to send you multiple emails asking you to model all the dresses you have been hiding in your closet. What's wrong with the HK for MAC couture gowns? Are they too big?

  12. LOL I love you my dear. One of them weighs more than I do (its real Swarovski crystals) and the other one needs a more curvy frame (like dress size 6 model frame) to give it justice. I will model it for you and make a blog post but only because you are one of my favorite bloggers. <3

  13. this is a beautiful dress! i love love love it! maybe get it altered or throw a light scarf over it as a shrug

    loving the biz casual too!

    <3 Angie

  14. The MJ dress is beyond fabulous! Definitely get it tailored so you can show it off in public!

    I'm not sure if the Theory Darlin pants are supposed to look like that. Have you tried googling around to see how they fit on department store models? I do think they bunch a bit around the knees though. The blazer, as usual is perfectly tailored as expected from Theory.

  15. Drool on the dress!! What size is it?

  16. WOW. thats all i have to say. STUNNING!!!


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