Cocktail Dress Hour : Dolce & Gabbana Pink Bustier Dress

September 24, 2010

This is my second favorite dress (I wore my favorite here) in the world. It doesn't look that great on me but I love it, it's everything I love...bustier top, pink, lace, bow, sigh. Jenny wore it in the first season of Gossip Girl and she looked terrific. The dress is from fall 07.

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The problem with D&G dresses (at least for me) is that they seem to be designed for girls who are small up top. I am not top heavy at all but it's so tight around the bust for me. I am wearing a 38 here.

I just realized I didn't adjust the straps before I snapped these pictures. It looks much better when worn right, I promise! :)


The author Hair On The Brain is giving away $100 to Shopbop, Check out her contest here! I won't lie, I am eying this $600 Alice + Olivia dress and every little bit helps. :)

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  1. Even without the straps adjusted, you look fabulous in that dress. :-)

  2. I'm glad the dress worked out well for ya! Le sigh...I wish I can wear a D&G dress. I like the contrast between the satin bust and the floaty lace. Where did you get it btw?

  3. Sakie and Thomas - thanks for your sweet comment.

    Hanna - this one is courtesy of ebay. You can totally afford it (even five, if you want). I was going to get it on Gilt but missed the golden five minutes at the beginning of the sale so my size sold out. None was lost though as I picked up this dress for less than what it was selling for on Gilt (which is close to $300, if I remember correctly). Still tons available on ebay though for about 220-290.

  4. Aww give yourself some more credit Elle! I think it's very pretty on you :) Very feminine and delicate looking. The soft lace against the shiny bust is a nice contrast.

    And, don't forget, "Jenny" had tons of professionals working for at least an hour on her to make her look so fab! You can definitely look just as terrific!!

  5. Seriously, LOVE this D&G dress on you!! Ooo, Jenny from GG wore it??:)

  6. That's a really cute dress! Very soft and feminine and looks pretty on you! :)

  7. Love that soft blush color, very pretty.


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