Cocktail Dress Hour : Dolce & Gabbana Lace Corset Dress

September 25, 2010

I admit my usual weekend plans involve a lot of Chinese takeout, TV shows that I missed during the week, and bad RomCons. It's a mystery to me why I hoard evening dresses the way I do.

In any case, thank you for allowing me to play dress up and post pictures of these dresses on this blog as this is a great place for me to reflect on these purchases, appreciate the beauty of these dresses and remind myself that enough is enough.

This next dress is a find at Century 21, the mecca for couture-loving-bargain-hunters like myself. I don't love the yellow ribbon too much but I bought about 10 rolls of various ribbons at a craft store and plan to swap out the yellow ribbon at some point. Hey, doesn't changing the color of the ribbon transform this dress completely? It would appear that I just bought myself 10 additional dresses at $3 a piece.

If you are interested in getting this exactly same dress for yourself, it might still be possible in spite of the fact that this dress is a million years old in the fashion world...about a month ago a friend and I were shopping our day away in Soho (this might have happened on Spring Street) when we passed by this sort of rundown storefront with a sad sign plastered on the display window screaming "DOLCE & GABBANA SAMPLE SALE." I looked at her and said, there is no way. These must be knockoffs. Lo and behold, we walk in and the first rack we browsed had this exact same dress (actually, two of them) for sale. I looked at the dress, checked all the tags, and verified that it was exactly like the one found at Century 21. It was retailing for just under $250 and for all I know this little designer sample sale can still be going on. There were other designers featured in addition to more D&G things but they were mostly out in small sizes so I walked away slightly disappointed. So chances are good these dresses will pop up on ebay or something in the future.

AND, on sort of related notes, I want to discuss how fantastic I think Hanna's Hello Kitty couture gowns are. Actually, you should just read her post. Isn't that Miro dress just TDF on her? And while she thinks that her fabulously pink Sinha Stanic dress is maybe *too* shiny (with all the crystals and confetti), I want to challenge her on the title of who has more outrageous things in their closet. Exhibit A: this "dress" (which I believe might have belonged to a real life sad 12-year-old ballerina) that I have had in my closet for years. I always thought this might have made for a cute Halloween costume but in retrospect I think I was just trying to hold onto to those ballerina dreams I had as a child (turns out I was better at outrunning boys and kicking balls than doing ballet). Sad, right?

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  1. Your intro is so funny...sounds like my weekends too, and thus I don't own any evening dresses. I love the D&T on you...damn. So was the price lower at Century 21 or the random sample sale?

  2. Your Dolce dress. I'm whining to myself, I want to buy a high designer dress!! I want to dream that one day I'll accidentally find a large sign saying, "LAVIN SAMPLE SALE!". Back to the dress = your length is better than the model and the fit is really nice! I definitely think ribbons can change an outfit. I'm wondering if you are going to match up the cris cross that's going on in the middle of the dress..suspense guess I'll have to wait and see!
    LOL, thank you for the shout out and the kind comment darling. You are so sweet and so awesome in posting that ballerina gown! It makes me nostalgic for my dancing days. We actually wore pretty similar costumes when we mimicked the "old" ballet styles where the tutu hit the floor. You should totally be a ballerina for Halloween! Don't buy expensive pointe shoes (they hurt your feet too) but regular pink flats and sew extra ribbons you purchased earlier and tie them up!

  3. Elle ~you are totally the Asian Carrie Bradshaw (with respect to fashion haha)! I find that the D&G dress looks better on you than the runway model, especially the top portion. The ribbon color TOTALLY changes the look. A deep red or burgundy for evening would be so sexy, and a baby pink or lavender would look so sweet!

    I want to visit NYC one day! It sounds so amazing!

  4. PAG - I actually bought it for cheaper at Century 21, it was closer to $150 though I can't remember the exact amount. I think I get slightly lucky from time to time. :)

    Hanna - If you can believe it (and this is where I think I am a little nuts), I actually took about 50 pictures of the front of this dress in the event that I switch ribbons. Those pictures are numbered and if I think I can piece it together correctly (fingers crossed)
    Your idea for DIY pointe shoes is genius, though I am hardly crafty. Maybe I'll try that for Halloween this year if I attend anything...I think it's my turn to dispense candy to hungry children this year though so I may be forced to stay in.

    Sophia - THANKS for the CB compliment, I wish I were that chic and fashion forward. If anything you are a lot more adventurous than I am. :) I just have a thing for things that are poofy. And you are thinking exactly what I was thinking when I got the dress...I thought, the endless possibilities. I am leaning toward all the colors that you mentioned. :)

  5. elle -- i loving that d&g dress on you. i agree with sophia that you look better in it than the model. it's because she's so flat in the chest area-- lol! good to have so curves and not be a stick! omg you have so many fun dresses....i'd love to raid your closet!!

  6. You HAVE to wear that dress for Halloween! Or just wear it out somewhere because you look freaking fantastic in it. Yeah, it's a little outrageous for a trip to the mall but that has got to be SEEN.

  7. Oh I LOVE Century 21! You can never tell what you can find there and they always have a TON of designer styles! I am still kicking myself for not getting any of the Foley and Corinna bags when they had bunches of them a while back. Great find on the true blue designer dress - I think it fits your style well and I bet you got it for a great deal!

  8. Sadly, the only wear I'll ever be able to afford high-fashion is at sample sales or huge discounts. I'm so jealous of your D&G find! It's fabulous and looks great on you. Definitely agree that changing the ribbon color changes the tone of the outfit.

  9. Ping - lol, thanks for making me feel busty for a change. :) And you are welcome to raid my closet at anytime, if you grant me the same pleasure. Your closet is pretty amazing as well and I am sure I am not averse to the idea of living in it.

    Melissa - haha, thanks. Maybe if I tell people Ms. Melissa, fashionphile, ordered me to wear it while running mundane errands I would feel more at ease.

    Lisa - yay for fellow C21 lover! I am sure those F&C bags will pop up never know with these things. I don't browse C21 as much anymore because I have gotten too lazy and sometimes feel defeated when I don't see anything I like (good for my wallet though)

    Cee - I can't imagine paying retail for couture (Except maybe for something as timeless as your Chanel flap)...I think the thrill of finding them at obscene discounts is part of the joy of shopping.

  10. The lace corset dress looks good on your petite body. I am waiting to loose a few pounds before wearing something like that. I'd love to give Century 21 a try though. THanks for letting us know of that!

  11. I agree with sophia's comment about you being CB! You're definitely adventurous when it comes to fashion :)

  12. Wowsers, look at that D&G dress!! Elle, I'm so envious of ur evening wear collection;) You find such amazing deals!! Wish we had those type of sample sales around here lol The ballerina dress is too cute! I think it would make a great halloween costume fa sho! You should definitely wear it! I think shortening the hem could improve the look, too?:)

  13. I have to agree with everyone above, you look so much better than the model in that dress, it is absolutely fierce on you !!...and you definitely know how to kick it CB style, you're so original I love it!

  14. You have a great figure and yep totally agree with the ladies above- you look way better in that dress than the model!!!

    And I love how your style is different than most other bloggers- instead of just boring work clothes- I love seeing your posts!!!


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