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September 18, 2010

A trip to Bloomie's yielded the following finds. They can all be found at the Bloomingdales on 59th/Lexington Ave. in NYC.

I have been eying this Theory Darlin double-breasted denim jacket (I love everything double breasted) for a few weeks now and finally decided to take the plunge even though it wasn't marked down significantly. After the tweed Theory skirt suit fiasco (I tried hunting down the Theory Lecture Gratian blazer that PAG, AN, and Really Petite bought and the search was a total flop, I don't think I've ever wanted a blazer this badly) I decided if I liked something that is work-appropriate I would allow myself to get it even if it's not that well discounted.

Still available in 00 at the 59th/Lexington location. I got the matching bottom in 00 as well only because I figured it was better to get the matching bottom than to be without one period. I would've preferred a skirt but sadly that wasn't available.

The blazer was originally $375, on sale for $281.25, there was an extra 25% off discount so I got the blazer for $210.94 before taxes. The pants were originally $225, on sale for $180, was $135 after the extra 25% off.

The 00 is not available online but several online retailers carry other sizes. Saks is selling it for full price but it is available in 0 here.

On sale at Neiman Marcus for $225, only available in 4, 6, and 8 here.

Bloomie's has it in a khaki color.

If you want to get this jacket, you should just call up any Bloomie's and they'll be more than happy to do a charge & send. It looks like B&M Bloomie's has the best price and sizing selection at the moment.

I really like Aqua things - I tried on about five blazers and several bottoms today but only purchased one since none were discounted. I'll be tracking them online to see if they get discounted but I didn't want this one to sell out at size 0. Really very cute in person, and only $108.

It's currently available online as well in all sizes.

The last of my purchase from Bloomie's was this Pippa charcoal blazer. I snatched up the last one in 0 and was going to get the matching pants but they didn't have any 0s available. I have never heard of Pippa before but I liked the cut of this blazer. Wasn't on sale but I think it'll get a lot of wear so I bought it for $168.

I can't find this exact blazer on Bloomie's website but here's a really close relative in black.

I also received this Jack BB Dakota fake leather jacket today in the mail. I am a little disappointed by the material but it was really fitted on me so I was happy.

I realize the quality of my pictures isn't great. Really can't do much with taking pictures of my reflection in the mirror. I just realized that the colors look kind of the same...sorry! If you are interested in the material I'd be more than happy to take a more detailed picture for you.

Off to read everyone's blogs!

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  1. Elle, I love all of these blazers, but I think my favorite from all of these photos is the Pippa charcoal....and the faux leather looks like it fits you well too! I know exactly what you mean about getting the matching bottom too. I will almost never buy a suit jacket without buying the coordinating bottoms just to be safe. I would love to see how you style this suit sometime..... ;)

  2. What an amazing haul! My favorite out of the bunch is the Pippa blazer. I love the green color in the double breasted jacket. Cute leather jacket, it looks like it fits really well except the sleeves look a bit long on ya.

    Such an awesome outfit with the blazer, shorts, and tights! Perfect fall weather clothing and now I'm dreaming of more fall outfits...

  3. omg Elle --- you bought so much stuff! like hanna, my fave is the pippa blazer too! i like that its really basic and it fits you well.

    btw-- friends and family for bloomies is end of the month. im wondering if you can return these things and presell it with an extra 20% discount onto of all the sales?! wouldn't that be awesome?

  4. Callandra - I'll have to think up some outfits to wear with these purchases, part of my rationale in getting the matching bottom is that I think it'll force me to do some styling instead of just throwing a dress under the blazer. I regret slightly not getting the matching bottoms for those other two.

    Hanna - yeah, I have short arms...everything is long on me :( I won't allow myself to pay to get sleeves shortened sometimes cost more than taking in things at the waist. IDK, I am not trying to undermine seamstresses and tailors but spending an Andrew Jackson to get sleeves shortened by an inch or two seems like a super extravagant hobby. :)

    Ping - I was wondering when that F&F thing was coming up, I waited like three weeks for it to happen and finally bit the bullet and went into the city to buy the theory blazer (and the other things while I was there) today. I so want to take advantage of the 20% off but then I started thinking about bringing all this back (NYC is about an hour away, parking is a b****) and I just can't get excited about it. I wish they'd let me do the price adjustment over the phone. (SIGH)

  5. You poor thing! I was the exact same way about my Theory Lecture Suit- I have no idea how I lucked out!!!! :)

    I really like the Pippa Blazer- super cute!!!!! FYI- my blog sale is up!!!! :)

  6. Looks like a great Bloomies haul, Elle! Love that Theory and Aqua blazers on you:) I'm a fan of aqua, too!

  7. My favorite is also the pippa blazer. I am still dreaming of having a Theory blazer/jacket for myself. I wish there is a Bloomies where I live so I can go check it out. Great haul!

  8. RP - You are a lucky girl, I began my search too late. :( yay, I'll have to visit your blog sale.

    Owl - thanks! I love Aqua dresses, their junior sizing fits petites and slim girls pretty well! :)

    CAM - Thanks!

    PLG - The good thing about Bloomies is that you can call and they'll send you the jackets. I like to browse the current styles and if I see anything I must have I call around and see if I can find it in 00, some SAs will even go out of their way to search other stores' inventory for you. I find that sometimes bloomies offer a better discount than theory outlets (not always but sometimes). Ping mentioned that the F&F sale is the end of this month and if you open a bloomies card you can get another 15% off on top of that. GL!

  9. I'm a huge sucker for blazers, love them all, so this post rocks haha, I love them all!!!


  10. I wish I could wear blazers but they look awful on me

    xo hope you`re having a fab day!

  11. Elle, what a great blazer haul! I too like the charcoal Pippa one. If you want you cuold wait til they have a 20% off coupon or something. If your size is out they will ship it from another Bloomies for free (if it is over $100 I think, or maybe $150 but then the blazer wouldn't qualify).

    I also tried on the Theory blazer you bought and thought it was really cute. It was a bit long or boxy on me though and the boyfriend didn't like it as much as Gabe, so I had to leave it behind. One question about the matching pants though...since this isn't a traditional suit blazer (more so trendy style) would you see yourself wearing the matching pants together?

    PS - to answer your question I don't think the jacket can be taken down 3 sizes. The skirt though - yes. The skirt is a super basic pencil skirt with back zip and slit, and it can definitely be taken in several sizes. The blazer can probably be done by a good tailor, but I'm worried some proportions may still be off. Where did you find this?

  12. Toothfairy - thanks!

    FMF - you love cardis so you should really have more confidence in blazers! They are really terrific, I am sure you'll look great if you find the right cut. I used to detest wearing them (in high school we had to wear them I just hated that part of the dress code) but once I found the right fit I started loving it.

    PAG - I hardly ever go to a store and find something that I like as much as I liked the Pippa jacket so I didn't want to leave it retrospect that was probably more rash than what I expect from myself but it's done and since it's not really a casual piece purchase I feel better about it. I do have a ton of things on my watch list so I'll be taking advantage of the 20% off during F&F.

    Re: the matching denim all honestly I don't think I'll be wearing it as a set that often but I got it as a safety measure since I sometimes walk away with only the blazer and then regret later on about not purchasing the matching bottom since I often fret in the mornings when I don't know what bottom to wear with the blazer. I'll be trying to make this set work...we'll have to see if I can make it happen. :)

    Thanks for your help.

  13. Congrats on the great haul! I'm still only dreaming of a Theory blazer for myself (since I don't need it for work and would just be a splurge)... I also wanted the Gratian blazer that looked amazing on everyone but that search was unsuccessful for me as well. I'd definitely even consider paying full price for it if it becomes available again (and that's saying a lot from me!)


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