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September 24, 2010

After nearly three weeks, my incredibly small package from ASOS has finally arrived. I wore the ASOS Contrast Cup Mesh Dress in Petite 8 in this post and liked the design so much that I ordered this dress (on sale for $37.07) since I like flowy skirts even more. 
Available here in sizes 10-18
Size 6 comes back in stock from time to time so if you want it you should bookmark the page and check back
I ordered this dress in a size 6 regular (this wasn't available in petite) and it fits much better than the petite size 8 in terms of tightness. I have to say I liked the first dress more by virtue of the fact that it was just more interesting.

I am eying a few more items on ASOS, including this one combo dress that PAG modeled. The 6 fits her really well so I wonder if I should size up. My work dress code isn't quite as strict as hers so I am certain I can wear it to work with some tights and throw a black blazer over it. I also have my eye on a few skirts that might be cute for work but I hate doing returns so I am hesitating. Friends, help me decide!

I love this dress, it's now half off at $101.10. I don't have an occasion for it though. :(


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  1. Yay! Your dress is finally arrived. I do like it on you. It fits much better than the first dress. I love those type of dresses too but can't find many occasions to wear. Most of the time, they just ended up sitting in my closet forever

  2. I like this dress on you. The banded bust area is interesting and the 6 fits you well. What kind of occasion would you wear this to? Also are you keeping both that last one and this one or just one? : )

  3. BY the way, literally just got an email from ASOS saying their US site arrives soon. I wonder what kind of changes that will bring. Hopefully faster shipping, plus free ship/returns all the time.

  4. Some celebrity wore that bra dress and I can't seem to remember who it is... Anywhoo, that dress looks like it is meant for you. It's so raw edged with the tops of the "bra" peeking out. Hmm, I also have to agree with PAG to order the 6. I think you guys have similar measurements. I think that dress will be very verstaile. You can even try putting a light v neck sweater, let the bow poke out and wear it as a skirt.

  5. Sydney - I was so relieved when it came, I almost missed it since I get a ton of letters and whatnot. I was beginning to think that it had gotten lost. I buy too many of these cocktail type dresses and I hate going out since I am lazy. :( I guess my vice is dresses.

    PAG - I am not sure where I would wear this to. Sometimes when my bf and I go out to dinner I get dressed up but it's rare that I bother to do laziness gets the best of me. I am keeping both because I like both enough to keep and returning, while not difficult, requires too many effort. Thanks for the heads up about ASOS US...I wonder if the selection/sizing/material will be different. I can't wait now. Any idea how "soon" they are talking?

    Hanna- A BUNCH of various celebrities wore the original (the Alexander Wang bustier dress) of the other version that I bought...but not this particular one, I don't think. That idea for the combo dress is awesome...the 6 was pretty short on PAG and she's got much thinner stems compared to me so if I try to squeeze myself into the 6 it might look hoochie on me.

  6. omg that dress fit you really well and i love the color combo. you have to wear it out! make your bf take you out to dinner! heehee.

    the 2nd dress is so pretty in love with the feathers and the corset top part. you have to get it!!


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