Amazon Shoe Haul...Has Anyone Else Ever Shopped Warehouse Deals??

September 07, 2010

This weekend ended up being a very busy one in spite of not having any plans. Yesterday my friend and I first had a nice lunch at Peep (that came out to be less than $20, which is no small feat in NYC; All lunch entrees, priced between $7 and $8, came with a small appetizer. We skipped drinks because it's always a hassle trying to locate a clean restroom in NYC) and then proceeded to shop the day away in Soho. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), I went home empty-handed as nothing really attracted my attention. I had such high expectations for Topshop but their petites section was pitifully slim. Zara was overcrowded and everything was either huge on me or made me look stubby. Urban Outfitters smelled vaguely like a dirty warehouse and things were rather disorganized. I hightailed out of there in under two minutes. I didn't bother going to A&F or Hollister (even their half naked male models standing outside the store can't lure me in)  after their recent bedbugs stint. I found really cute Theory jackets at Bloomies but I couldn't justify paying for barely discounted clothes after my recent shopping binges and my self-imposed ban

In any case, today I discovered Amazon Warehouse. It's Amazon's way of liquidating returned products that appear to have some wear or were display items. I found some super cute shoes at great prices and snatched them up as they are still being sold at regular price on Endless.

I had coveted these shoes for a while now and was happy to get them for about half off.

Available on Zappos in all sizes

These gorgeous summery wedges were had for less than $10

Still available HERE for $25 in most sizes

And I got this pair of Dolce Vita pumps because I can't get enough of black closed toe pumps.

Still available through Endless in all sizes and various colors
I got about 10 pairs of shoes. I'll review their condition when they arrive but the limitations of this program is that there are so few sizes. There's usually only one in any particular color of any particular style of any particular brand. I think it's great to browse and if the size available happens to be yours, snatch it up without hesitation. :)

Also, Khatu's Vibrant Summer Outfit Contest is up. Go vote for your favorite outfit.

Before I get called out for being lazy about this particular contest, I want to show you what the Alice + Olivia dress (XS) looked like before being belted. So I did put in *some* effort, though perhaps not as much as I should have exerted.

I just love Jean and Callandra's outfits (go vote for them, I want them to win!). Sigh...why are summers always so short? I'll really miss vibrant summer outfits.

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  1. Love the shoes! Gosh! Now I really want to hit the stores!

  2. Aw, what a shoe haul! I can't wait to see what all you've got!

  3. awww yeah i been trying to avoid sales...its too many people and too much of a headache :(
    when i buy stuff on sale, i tend to buy because it's cheap and not because i love it. that will just end up sitting in my closet. i hate too much stuff to accumulate more stuff!!

    i love the pink pumps btw. so cute!

  4. Wow, you did great with the shoes! Good job!

  5. wow those light pink shoes are amazing !!

  6. The first pair of shoes with the bow is so pretty! I have never shopped warehouse deals before. My impression is that they always require shopper to buy certain number of items. It doesnt look like this is the case with Amazon's.

  7. Ping - I know. I do the same! And then I end up with a closet full of things I sort of like but can do without.

    isa, Girlie Blog, & Melissa - thanks!

    Curves - thanks! They still have them available!

    Sydney - Amazon's version is different from the ones we are used's just like shopping on their main website (so $25 and above gets free shipping, amazon prime still usable, etc.)

  8. No, I think this warehouse thing is new, I just noticed it this morning, and I shop Amazon ALOT since I am a Prime member. Thanks for the heads up that its shoes too! I was looking at TVs LOL.


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