Abercrombie Additional 50% Off Clearance Sale

September 16, 2010

*ALSO* Just saw that Forever 21 is offering free shipping, no minimum, until 9/19/2010. The code is MISSYOU10

**Urban Outfitters offering 10% all purchase, use code HAPPYFALL**


After the bedbug incident involving A&F and Hollister's flagship stores in NYC I was a little put off by A&F. I know A&F would take any precautions to ensure that bedbugs are eradicated in their storage facilities but I wonder if this guy even cares if the customers who only shop A&F clearance (like me, for example) get stuck with second tier products.

But there are some really cute things in this sale but I am trying to buy primarily work things for now since my last few impulse sale buys are semi disasters.

I love floral dresses, but they are beginning to repeat themselves.

Sonia Dress
Blue Large Floral - $68.00 $15.89

Classic Summer Belt
Navy - $28.00 $4.95


Blue - $58.00 $14.95


Classic Lightweight Scarf
Navy Floral -
$48.00 $14.95

Navy Stripe - $40.00 $14.95

Pink - $30.00 $9.95

Also, I feel super honored to be given an award by The Owl's Closet. My first blog award ever and I am so flattered. Thank you!

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  1. OMG, I still shop for clearance items at A&F as well as Hollister Co too! EWWW, I totally didn't know about the bedbug thingie. LOL to the news quote, "I'm never buying from them, I feel itchy now." I really hate that stupid little bird/moose that they have though. I usually will try and not buy things that don't have their logo plastered halfway across their damn clothing. Their stuff is cute though and it fits ... now for that bug issue....

  2. I know, people usually judge me when I say I still wear Abercrombie (I deliberately leave out the minor detail that I shop both Abercrombie AND abercrombie kids). The article is pretty funny...honestly, I didn't mean to make it seem like the bug problem is overpowering the sale. I am sure it's fine. :) I did walk past the Hollister Soho store (the one that was INFESTED) two weekends ago and wonder how the perfume didn't kill the bugs. It almost killed me, and I didn't even go inside.

  3. Elle-- i used to love a&f...but i can't stand going into their stores now. they blast their music and it gives me a headache. it's not a pleasant experience and i wanna get out of there asap. haha!
    i like the "parker" corset the most. i can see that working really nicely with your body!

  4. Wow! You scored some nice stuff! Love that dress!

  5. Ping - I get what you are saying completely. I almost exclusively shop online, I hate A&F B&M stores...if I do go in, I am in and out in less than 3 minutes. I don't think I can stand the loud music and the foul smell for more than 3 minutes away. The worst thing about it all is that I smell like their store for the rest of the day. It really is toxic.

  6. They look so cute Elle. I want to see them on you. I haven't purchased anything from Abercrombie because I am really too old for that store lol.

    Thanks so much for letting me know about another great deal at Express. Boy, so many deals. They really want our dollars or what.

  7. First of all, Confpgratulations on your firers ever blog award! Exciting isn't it?! Secondly, that first dress is sooo beautiful I seriously want it!

    Thirdly, I'm going to click away on those side bars you have, a few cents add up to hundreds, to thousands and the next thing you know...



  8. Congrats on the blog award!



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