Work Outfits : Alloy Cardigan, BCBG Skirt & A&F Cami

August 18, 2010

In an ever evolving attempt to add color to my outfits, I have decided to mix lavender with turquoise today. Result? Not completely disastrous.

The cardigan (which I bought from Alloy) and the jeweled A&F cami are old OLD items in my closet, I have had them since high school. They don't get much wear these days so I thought I'd try to incorporate them into this outfit.

The skirt is one of my three BCBG Textured Skirts (in size XS) and I think it goes pretty well with my Patrizia Pepe pumps.

I haven't had many occasions to wear these P.P. pumps  but they are beautiful.

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  1. Elle-- i have seen that skirt before and contemplated about getting it. It looks really nice and fitting on you. I just don't have a place to wear it to! :(

  2. Hi Ping,

    The skirt is actually quite versatile but I think it might be a tad big on you (especially around the waist). I wear it to work but I've seen people wear it out clubbing so I think it's good for everything in between as well. I would recommend that you get it if they ever make it in a size XXS.

  3. Those shoes! I love them! What a fun summery color.

  4. I quite like the mixings of the colors. I think they go well together.

  5. Those shoes are stunning...the color pops. I want them! Also I've seen lots of girls rave about the bcbg bandage skirts. I like this one one you and the red one too.

  6. I am surprised that so many people like these shoes. The unfortunate thing is I got them months and months ago so they aren't available in stores anymore. And the size 37 I have are too big for most of you. :(


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