Work Outfit : VS Jacket, Rampage Top, Black Tulle Skirt

August 24, 2010

Part of why I like wearing dresses or dress-like items to work is that when I leave, I can take off the blazer and automatically be ready for dinner or other social functions. I would usually wear tights with an outfit like this but today I went without.

I am wearing that Body by Victoria Secret blazer in size 0, a rather old Rampage top in size M (grandma altered this for me by taking it in. I originally found it at Macy's, liked it a lot but could only find it in M), this kid-sized black tulle/petticoat that I found at TJMaxx, and NYLA black pumps.

I am lucky that the dress code at work is pretty relaxed.

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  1. You look adorable! I could only wear that to work if it was a little bit longer and I'd have to keep the jacket on.

    I'm wearing a strapless dress today too for tonight's festivities, but I have a cardigan on for my day at work. I agree, it's a great way to be ready for the evening!

  2. aww your outfits are so cute. i really like all your dresses! i'm following babe :)


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