Work Outfits : Tweed Jacket and LaRok Dress

August 17, 2010

I have to say this outfit looks a little odd but I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. I think the material clashing doesn't help.

So consider this a fashion don't. I think each piece by itself looks ok but when they are assembled and worn together, the end result is quite disastrous.

The jacket is an untagged Asian acquisition. I think these things are one size fits all (Asian girls). The dress is a size S Larok Eye Candy dress. I couldn't find it in my size (which is XS) so there is also the issue of weird fit.

Dear readers, do not buy something that is hard to alter. If the material and design are hard to manipulate and it doesn't fit somewhat well off the rack, then leave it in the store. I have had to learn this the hard way.

It was on sale for only $100 in this color: (I think it's sold out since)

Cocktail Dresses by LaROK at ShopStyle

I do love these shoes (N.Y.L.A. Jacie Pumps) though, I got them in 6.5 but my feet are just too wide for them, which means extended trips around the office in these babies cause a lot of feet pain. Never mind having to walk outside in these.

I wouldn't recommend these to most people though, to pull these shoes off one has to have short toes as the toe box is incredibly shallow (too much toe cleavage in my case, and I don't even have particularly long toes) and they have to have really narrow feet because the shoe is very unforgiving when it comes to people with wide feet. Overall cute shoes to own but not necessarily useful to have.

These Michael Kors ones look really similar and it's only $150

Pumps by MICHAEL Michael Kors at ShopStyle

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  1. Maybe it's just me. I don't see anything wrong with the pairing. In fact, I like the outfit. The textured jacket goes well with the soft fabric of the dress, creating a contrast. It's a very feminine looking outfit.

  2. This showed up on my blogger feed and I thought it looked adorable! I have to agree with Sydney, the pairing looks quite adorable. The only thing that I can see that can be a possible know is the jackets looks a bit big.

  3. Hi Hanna and Sydney, thanks for being kind about this outfit. I think the blurriness of the picture masked some of the really atrocious aspects of it. I really need to get that tripod and remote control so I can take some sharper images.


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