Work Outfits : Anne Klein Skirt Suit 0P

August 16, 2010

I am the girl who pushes the limits of appropriate work place attire. I try to get away with wearing evening dresses to work and high pumps without drawing too much attention to myself.

Today I was abnormally traditional, wearing this Anne Klein skirt suit in size 0P with my Chanel Medallion Tote. It is a little bit too big but it's the most fitted suit I have found before alterations. But from some angles it still makes me look pregnant.

It comes with a wide belt which I didn't wear it today because in the chaos of things I didn't have time to find it before dashing off to work.

I think this would be perfect for someone slightly bigger and taller.

I quite like this  Preston & York Dori dress as well. I can definitely wear this to work:

Dresses at Dillard's at ShopStyle

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  1. I'm going to just take a wild guess and say the bunching in the front is because of the darts that are from the bust area. A wide belt would definitely work! I think it will fit you fine with a belt.

    YES and good for you in pushing the limits of work wear! -Cheers-


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