Things You Will Never Get Tired of Eating - Wendy's

August 11, 2010

Have you ever had those days when you are hungry but nothing really appeals to you? Whenever I feel that way I head to Wendy's.

My standard fare is the Wendy's Large Fries + 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets + Large Oreo Frosty combo. I usually rip into the frosty first and then tear into the fries and nuggets. Yes, I realize I sound like a prehistoric predator when it comes to Wendy's.

My lunch comes out to be just over $7 (Yes! more money for sample sales). Sometimes the price tag on happiness is as few as seven dollars.

Due to the incredible heat we've witnessed this summer, I quickly polished off the oreo frosty before I even get back to the office. Funny side note: I frequent the local Wendy's so much that they know exactly how many packets of ketchup (6) and salt (2) to tide me over.

Do you have a favorite meal?

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  1. Wendy's is pretty awesome. I'm impressed you're so well known there that they've got your ketchup and salt preferences down.

    My fav. fast food is Del Taco at the moment, but I had to cut back when the drive thru guy started to recognize me and snicker as he asked, "you really like taco's, don't you?"

    There's a mexican food place in San Diego that we go to a lot where we're recognized too. =P

  2. Thanks. I am pretty proud of that achievement too. I go so much that I have mini-chats with the lunch rush hour employees at Wendy's and KFC's (gotta love those popcorn chicken).

    mmm...tacos. You have a thing for mexican food, don't you!?

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  4. Syd, I entered your giveaway. Thanks!


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