Running Gear & Others at Nike's Clearance Sale

August 17, 2010

I consider myself an avid runner, I do about 50-70 miles a week depending on my mood. I typically run on the treadmill in my house since improper outdoor training resulted in my back injury last year (not to mention this summer has been grilling hot).

Over the years, I have amassed some 200+ t-shirts from various clubs, charities, sports team, etc. but I wear the same 10ish pairs of running shorts day after day. I have enough on rotation that I can always find a pair of clean running shorts, which I consider a feat. However, I am always on the hunt for more exercise gear, preparing for the day when I put off laundry for a day too long and don't have fresh clothes to wear.

In any case, I am excited to announce that Nike is having 20% off its clearance priced items (use CURVEBALL when you check out.) This is a pretty good deal in spite of the $8 shipping charge.

Some of my picks:

Nike Thermal Women's Running Gloves Was $20.00 Now $11.97


New England winters are grueling, without a nice pair of running gloves you will be freezing your hands off. I remember last year, when I forgot to put on gloves before my morning run, I almost froze my hands off about 20 minutes into my run at which point I had to shake my hands violently while running trying to force blood to them. It was not fun.

 Nike Dri-FIT Fundamental Road Race Women's Running Shorts Was $25.00 Now $16.97

I am always in need of new running shorts and these Nike ones are a pretty affordable choice and they rarely leave me sticky after a run.

Nike Pro Graphic Women's Sports Bra Was $32.00 Now $18.97

Link Here

Honestly, I can do without the design and the Just Do It but it really is a comfortable sports bra. I am not very top heavy but from the reviews it seems that even women who need a little more support for the girls find this comfortable.

There are tons of others, I am debating whether or not to buy again. I just got new running shoes last weekend so I don't know if I should blow my running fund (for purchase of running-related gears) on some new sports apparel.

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  1. Holy cow, lady, you run up to 70m per week?! I'm virtually bowing to you, bc I've been trying to pick up running forever, and honestly have been too lazy to go about it. What got you involved in running, and do you do it as training for marathons or just because you like it?

  2. Great sale - thanks for sharing!

    PS Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by. I ran track and played soccer all through middle school and high school but really slacked off in college where I gained a ton of weight from the standard fried fare served at the dining halls. I have always enjoyed running so it wasn't hard to get back into the routine after I graduated and had more time to exercise. I started off logging fewer miles, so 3-5 miles a day and I try to run everyday. When I injured myself last year I was doing 13-15 miles every other day and still running at least 7 on days in between. That didn't last long as I didn't allow my body time to rest which resulted in my injury. If you'd like we can encourage each other to run, I always like running buddies (even if it is virtual)

  4. You go girl!! That is a heck of a lot of running!! WOW!!!
    Very impressive... you should share your running playlist with us! We need to know what keeps you going!!
    The Beckerman Girls

  5. Hi Sam, Chloe and Caillianne,

    Thanks for stopping by. The blog you maintain is terrific.

    I will post my playlist later on, I have quite a few for different workouts. :)

  6. Thanks for answering my Qs. I just started running (yesterday!) with the BF. We literally only ran around the block once before calling it quits. I can tell I'm going to be real lame virtual running bud! :o)

  7. You got out and ran, that's the first step toward running greatness. I think everyone starts somewhere and a block is a good start, you and your bf need to encourage each other and establish goals that you want to meet every week. I think you'll be running circles around me before you know it.


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