Petite Fashion Challenge #1

August 26, 2010

Jean over at Extra Petite organized the Petite Fashion Challenge - essentially challenging petite blog readers and authors to take on specific challenges from time to time.

The first challenge is to:

"Create an outfit for weekend brunch with your girlfriends. The outfit must include one garment that is typically notorious for being a petite "don't." Such garments include: dresses, skirts, or pants that hit at the scary mid-calf length (not cute, cuffed jeans...I'm talking real capris) or below the knee, maxi dresses, full A-lined skirts, or wide-legged pants."

My outfit is pretty tame and not very out there, but here it is. This maxi dress would normally fall at the awkward mid calf length but since the middle is smocked I pulled it up and made it a better length on me.

At the time of these photos I couldn't find my sky high nude pumps so I wore these straw colored wedges...the effect is supposed to elongate my legs but I don't think these wedges did the job. I was wearing this orange J. Crew Maxi Dress in size XS, and the flower is actually a belt that I used to add some color to the outfit.

In any case, I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with.


Per some requests, I took some more pictures in this dress...still can't find those pumps that I wanted to wear.

The first two pictures are where it is designed to hit: mid-calf. I tried raising the hem a little bit in the last two pictures and I belted it in the last picture. It's so hard to properly tuck in the excess fabric.

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  1. This is so cute, and I absolutely love the color! Being short, I am a big fan of this challenge! Love how you worked the maxi-dress.
    xo Josie

  2. Elle: I think you made this Maxi dress look good on your body - what a creative way to use the belt. I love this color on you.

  3. That color is awesome! I love bright colors. =)

    The length and style of the dress looks almost vintage to me, which makes it extra cool. I bet it'll look even better with your high nude pumps.

  4. You got creative! Now you can wear this dress 2 different ways.

    I wish I could see the maxi dress before you tucked it. I must really out there w/this opinion, but I just love a long maxi dress on petites. almost overwhelming the body. It takes me back to the hippie days where the style is carefree, which I feel maxi dresses were designed for this reason.

  5. Cute, I like the slouch on the dress - easy casual piece but I bet you could dress it up really nice with jewellery and your high heeled pumps.

  6. Josie - thanks!
    Nelah - I was kind of at my wit's end about how to accessorize the dress, I fidgeted with some things and finally settled on wearing the belt the way I did. Your challenge outfit was awesome, one of my favorites.
    Kelly - yeah, it's kind of a bummer that I can't find things in my closet. I plan to organize my shoes this weekend so maybe this will be the end of not being able to find the right now.
    Aubrey - I did try to do a before picture, I think it was really blurry so maybe I 'll do a retake of this so there's some comparison.
    Curls - yeah, this is a basic piece that has potential. Just haven't worn it very much in a while...maybe next summer.

  7. What a neat color! AN is right, something about this dress speaks vintage to me as well. I think it's really creative how you changed the length of the dress by belting it! :)

  8. LOVE this dress on you. The color is brilliant. Well done.

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  9. Like Aubrey I'm curious too now how it looks on you at the mid calf length : ) The color is so pretty on you...does a belt fit over the scrunchy middle? I'm picturing a nice cognac or taupe colored waist belt to define your small waist even more!

    Oh, when did you re design your banner and title image? I love it!

  10. PetiteXXS - thanks, I am not sure why it appears vintage though.
    Vicky - thanks for visiting
    Jean - I redesigned it yesterday when I was bored, it only took about 20 minutes so some elements are sloppy. It's not nearly as professional looking as you and some other bloggers'.

  11. The first two pictures looked like the bust area was just a tad bit loose but for some reason it looked fine in the others! I think it was a very genius idea to just simply tuck it under and let the hem fall at an appropriate length. The color is really bold too! Love it alot!

  12. I love the color of the dress! I'm thinking...what if you folded the skirt back up to the waist and added a belt? It would be like a faux bubble skirt. Then the volume at the bottom kind of balances out the top and then the emphasis would be at the waist. Just something to try out...but I'm not quite sure if that would really work...but it sounds interesting in my head.


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