August 23, 2010

While I realize I am fairly petite compared to the general population but the inflated sizes at mall retailers like the Gap, BR, etc. further entrenched in me the idea that I can wear pretty much the smallest adult sizes available even though there are many other girls who are a few sizes smaller than me. I also dislike trying things out in stores and will often buy something that may not be returned. I would like to highlight one incident that proves how wrong I am and how one cannot simply go by the size chart sometimes or by their perception of their own size.

I bought this Miss Selfridge (I believe they are a British denim company) dress because I love bubble skirts and I thought this would be a great summer dress that I can run around in. It was final sale and in a UK size 4. I have a few UK size 6 items that ran a little big so I was under the impression that maybe the 4 would fit me better. WRONG. I could not have been more wrong. Look at how small this dress is on me.

I look like an overgrown child who outgrew her clothes overnight. Yikes! I realized later that this is Juniors sizing but it's incredible how arrogant I am about purchasing clothes.

Do you have a story like this? Bought something on final sale that turned out to be much too large or too small? What did you end up doing with the ill-fitted clothes?

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  1. Oh gosh - this is why I'm TERRIFIED of online shopping! I'm way too lazy to go through the hassle of returning clothes. I'm much rather physically walk into a store and try everything on.

    You can always list it on ebay to try selling it, or you can donate it to Goodwill or something.

  2. hey i buy my rings from home (mauritius) in random shops and markets!

    xoxo jenna

  3. I only do online shopping if it's super cheap or if I already know the store's sizing for this reason! sighhh besides even if it's returnable I'm too lazy to pack it and pay for shipping anywys... I think the dress could work if you wear some tights?

  4. I think I misled you, the dress doesn't zip up AT ALL. In the first picture I kind of tucked the opening under my arm to create the illusion that it fits.

    I think I might do a Giveaway on this dress (it's cute, right?) and give it to some petite girl who would rock it. Don't know if this is a good idea.

  5. I'm all over in sizes, so I'm way too chicken to buy anything online anymore that's final sale unless I've tried it on in a store first. I bought a dress from Overstock once that was described as 'falling just above the knee'. I'm 5'2", so I figured the length would probably fall at or below my knee and worried it might be a little too long. Oh, how wrong I was! It was ridiculously short! Luckily I could still send it back.

  6. Aw, it's such a cute dress, but that sucks about the sizing. Do you think there's any way your tailor could do some magic work on it - maybe add a complementary panel in the front or back of the dress to make it work?

  7. awww elle...it such a shame....it such a pretty dress too. i love bubble dresses too...i have a black tie even coming soon and i think i must bust out my alice & olivia! hahah

  8. Natalie - you are very wise, I too am all over in sizes so I really should refrain when the sizing is unclear but I always convince myself to do something stupid like buy a dress that'll never fit. Ugh, I need to learn from you more.

    Lisa - I think it's almost not worth the trouble to get it altered. I think I am just going to give it to someone really small who will fit this dress perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion though, you are always so helpful.

    Ping - I LOVE Alice + Olivia, I can't wait to see you rock one.

  9. I guess the good part being uber petite is that there are relatively few things that I can't squeeze into, so I pretty much never run that risk. I still never buy non-returnable things sight unseen though, because not everything is alter-able (and plus the added expense).

  10. FrankincensySeptember 06, 2010

    I've had plenty of trouble with Miss Selfridge's inconsistent sizing before (I won't order online from them because of it), so it's not your fault that the dress didn't fit! I'm sorry you had to discover this the hard way, though. Judging by the measurements, this runs small even for UK 4. Their sizing isn't actually juniors (we don't have a separate juniors' sizing system in the UK), it's just a young women's brand that's cut on the small side.


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