The-Dress-That-Wasn't-Meant-To-Be Part 2

August 27, 2010

Update: 9/1/2010

(measurements taken with the dress laid flat on the ground)

Bust measurement: almost 14 inches across
Waist: about 11.5 inches across
Hip: Free Flowing as it's a bubble skirt, but probably nothing over 35 as the rest of it is pretty tiny.

Has little to no stretch.


Update: 8/30/2010

Later today I will post the dress's measurements on here and if you think this dress will fit you, leave a comment below and in the comment include your email address or a way for me to get in touch with you and also pick a number between 1 and 100. The person whose number is closest to my high school soccer jersey number will get the dress. I think this is simple enough? Let me know if this is still too complicated.

Essentially, a comment will look like this

E-mail: (your e-mail address)
Number: (pick a number between 1 and 100)
Additional Information: (a link to your blog or some way for me to get in touch with you)


Some of you might remember this dress. I wrote a post crying about how small it is and how I'll never fit in it.  Well, since this dress is so small that I might require surgery to ever have a chance to fit it and I don't believe in changing my body to fit clothes, one of you lucky readers (or your small friend) can have this dress for the low low price of one e-mail or one comment. Write me at fastfoodandfastfashion(at)gmail(dot)com (or post in the comments) with the waist, bust and approximate hip measurements of a similarly styled dress that fits you well. I will figure out whose dress measurements most closely match this dress's (dress'?? I am having a brainfart moment) and you can have it. I will then contact you for your mailing information and I hope you will then enjoy this dress.

In case you are scared about wearing my clothes, I assure you I shower daily, on most days twice a day. I have tried on this dress a grand total of three times, once when I first got it, the second time I had forgotten how small it was so I tried it on again, and the third time was yesterday. The tags are all attached, you can look at these pictures for reference.

I will contact the "winner" (? Is that the right word?) by early September so you have until then to contact me, that should be sufficient time to give people time to measure their dresses, right? So if you have an incredibly small friend in need of a denim dress, tell them they are in luck.

For those of us who can't fit into this dress, I promise I'll have better things to give away than a really small dress. I feel pretty bad about entering people's contests with really cool prizes but not hosting any of my own. I'll think really hard about something that would be fun to participate in that won't demand any arbitrary requirements.

Here are the pictures that I posted of this dress. It really is cute, you just have to imagine it on your petite self and not on me. :)

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  1. love how you describe your story with this dress its perfect , The dress needs a home !!

  2. There is no way in all get out that I'd ever fit into that dress, but I wanted to let you know that the fact that you used the word brainfart made me giggle. I don't hear that very often anymore. I say it a lot!

  3. You have amazing legs! I want legs like yours!

  4. Cute dress! It's good for the summer. And yes, you have nice legs.

  5. There is no flipping way I'll fit into the dress but it is so nice you are giving it away!

  6. Melissa - I think you would fit in it except for the bust...(that's a compliment, you have a lovely figure)

    April & tris1978ton - thanks, I used to really dislike my legs but I have gained a lot of self confidence in the lats few years.

    Hanna - are you kidding? I think you would fit in it fine, you are super tiny. I don't mean it negatively, but you look so petite in your pictures.

  7. Yeah, I'm pretty "slender" up top so I actually might fit into it. The measurements are similar to an AE dress that I have, although that one is a different style (empire waist). If I can't squeeze into it, I have a 11-yr-old sister that definitely will, so all won't be lost :P

    My email is PetiteXXS (, and a number... erm... 20?

  8. Mosey'ed on over from PetiteXXS and YES, you have some hot gams! Are you a runner?

  9. SewPetiteGal - yes I am. :) I was a sprinter in high school but slacked off in college. I got into distance running after college. I now train casually and am waiting for the day I become motivated enough to sign up for a race.


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