Cocktail Dress Hour : Jessica McClintock Dress

August 27, 2010

For some reason, junior sizing fits me a lot better than the corresponding size in adults. I got this Jessica McClintock dress a few years ago on super sale at Macy's and was surprised at how a size 3 fits only slightly big around my waist, the loose spots elsewhere are negligible. For J.M., junior sizing is in odd numbers while adult sizing is in even numbers. The adult size 2s fit really weird on me though.

In any case, my boyfriend loves black and white so I occasionally indulge him by wearing something like this to dinner.

Jessica McClintock is heavy on prom dresses and bridesmaid attire so a lot of their dresses are inappropriate for non-commemorative occasions, I think this one isn't too festive, what do you think? I am tempted to throw a blazer over it, wear some tights under and call it work clothes. The only thing stopping me is the black bow in the front, how do I dress it down more?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Throw a cardigan over top of it to make it a bit more casual too. I love it! You look great in this dress.

  2. Cute dress! I wonder if you can remove the bow altogether? Not sure how much you like it but I feel like the bow makes it look more prom-y.

    I like the new banner btw! :)

  3. Melissa - I'll try that some time. Thanks. :)

    PetiteXXS - I don't know if it's possible to remove it, I'll sure try. I completely agree that it looks really prom-y with the bow.


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