Cocktail Dress Hour - ASOS Petite Contrast Cup Mesh Dress

August 19, 2010

Alexander Wang had a piece in his Pre-Fall 2009 collection that was an instant hit among Hollywood starlets. It seems like overnight the dress popped up everywhere, seen on Rhianna and Paris Hilton out and about, Demi Lovato on the red carpet, Diane Kruger in a magazine shoot, even made a brief appearance on Hawthorne with Jada Pinkett Smith refusing to wear it. The dress itself was incredible but at $795 I was ready to let it go. However, soon after the dress became famous, the likes of ASOS, Bebe, and other fast fashion houses made similar dresses, with ASOS's version being the most similar.

I don't usually succumb to trends like these but caved in because it's exactly the sort of dress I would like to have in my closet.

So I bought it on ASOS in a petite size 8 (I would've gotten the size 6 but it was sold out), and it arrived within a week of my order, the material is definitely not the best but I think it looks better on than hanging on a hanger.
The original version by Alexander Wang
I believe there is a 10% code for ASOS right now. Use SWSAUGLDEL02 or SWSJU19INCOMPLETE or SWSJU19FAULTY for 10% off. The codes were shared by a tPF member. 

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  1. Holy hot dress alert! You look "va-va-va-voom" in that dress!

    I've not ordered anything from ASOS yet but had been really tempted - how is their sizing? Do you recommend ordering your regular US size equivalent or going up one?

  2. Aww, thanks Lisa!

    I ordered the petite size 8 but I think I would definitely fit in a 6. This particular dress had some stretch to it so that's why I said the 6 would've also fit as this one was slightly loose around the waist. I don't think I could fit into a size 6 dress without stretch.

    I think, just judging from your pictures, that you would probably be a petite size 6 (there is a distinction for ASOS). The petite 8 would be much too big on you.

    Petite Little Girl has also reviewed ASOS dresses, I would you should check out her blog for more information as she usually wears a 6. here's one of the links:

  3. very hot dress! i love the fit on you. you have so many cocktail dresses...must have lots of parties to attend! :)

  4. Thanks Ping, I hoard cocktail dresses, it's my hobby/downfall. I drag my boyfriend out to dinner but we are both kind of lazy so we usually just go home after and watch tv/pig out. There's not much partying where I am.

  5. I love this dress! You look great in it.

  6. hi ;)
    tks 4 ur visit!!
    i saw this dress and from the 1st second i like it.

  7. I like the ASOS inspired version much better. You have a wonderful sense of style! This dress will be the end of me...I want to wear it and it is on sale...ahhhhhh the temptation. =0(

  8. Hi Hanna,

    You should get it if it's available in your size! I shouldn't encourage it but I think it's a pretty good price to start with and on sale it's irresistible. I think it can be worn with a blazer too if you want to wear it during the day.

  9. I have been obsessing over this dress for so long, and I really want to wear it to my prom. Will you sell it to me? Please consider it! My email is


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