Closet Purging Time : To Keep or Not to Keep, That's the Question

August 31, 2010

I started collecting red dresses about three years ago. I am not entirely certain how this particular hobby came about but it has gotten a little out of control. I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet and donating what I don't wear/haven't worn and can use some unbiased opinions about which ones to keep and which ones I should give away.

This next one is a Nicole Miller that I love to pieces but simply have not had an opportunity to wear.

This dress is a Marciano corset dress look-a-like

For the most part I maintain my cool when choosing what to donate but I am having the hardest time deciding if I should let any of these three go. Help?!

Also, just yesterday I proclaimed loudly that I was on a shopping ban, but in a moment (or several moments) of weakness I bought some (cheap) stuff from UO and F21 because of deals that other petite bloggers posted about. Some of my favorites:

Elastic Waist Skirt from F21
Lace Peplum Top from F21
Adria Linen Shorts from F21

Bunny ears from UO

F21 has free shipping on purchases of $40 and over and Alterations Needed provided some codes for UO. Sigh, we are all enablers.

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  1. I think those dresses are all gorge, but my fave is the Marciano - please keep it!

  2. I like all three of them too! My order would be from bottom up, I like the last one the best, the middle one second and the first one the least. I do like them all, but that's my order. :)

  3. My least favorite is the Nicole Miller one and my favorite out of the bunch is the Marciano too! The skirt from F21, is that the back or front view? I kinda like the quirky angel wings.

  4. Lisa & Melissa - thanks for your input, I really thought I was crazy for wanting to keep all three when they look this similar.

    Hanna - the picture of the F21 skirt is the back view, the front is sort of vanilla so I thought I'd post the backview. It was only like $9 too. Will review on fit, etc.

  5. Hmm.. rather than give my opinion on which dress I like (for instance, while I might hate the corset dress, that might be your fav of the 3), I think you should keep whichever dress you foresee wearing within the next year! Or, you might see it this way ~ if you're unsure if you like them enough to keep, then you don't really like them (I think there would be no question about keeping a piece of clothing you truly love).

  6. I like all three dresses. I love red dresses. If you plan to donate anyone of them, and we have similar measurements, consider selling them to me :).

  7. I like the 3rd one the most, and the 1st one. That first dress, you can probably get more use out of it by pairing with a blazer or a coat for daytime. Holidays are coming up, you can go red.

  8. s - thanks for the candid response. It's not that I don't love these three's that I love all of them, perhaps not as much as I love some other red dresses also hanging in my closet but if I could I would keep all of them. Unfortunately I have a gentleman's agreement with my dad that I would donate at least a box full of clothes every season. I usually start the purging process early and gradually work up to it but this time I haven't had the energy to do that...which is why I took it to this blog to figure out what should get put in that box. I think I will keep these three though since so far no one thinks any of them is particularly atrocious on me (sometimes I don't see it).

    Sydney - these would all be too big on you. You are so slim! These three are already a bit loose on me so I can't imagine how they would fit on you. I think the first one might work, but it's still a juniors size 3 and I think you'd have to wear a size 1 in that.

    Nelah - thanks Nelah! I like how you look forward...summer can't be over!!!!

  9. I really like the 2nd and 3rd red dress. The second one looks especially nice with those red pumps.

  10. That's actually a cool hobby, Elle! You look great in red, btw:) The first two dresses are my favorites. Sigh, yes we are all enablers lol Wowsers, I'm loving the F21 skirt you purchased. It's gorgeous!

  11. I got that jacket about 1 month ago. I don't own one piece from the garden collection, it was sold out by the time I got to it.

  12. U look so good with red dresses, I wished I would carry that well too

  13. If you already have other red dresses that look great on you, you should give away those three. That way, the clothes you do have would be your absolute faves that you can't bear to part with! =)


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