August 19, 2010

I own a few BB Dakota items, mostly dresses, and the quality isn't poor. They have some cute stuff for pretty reasonable prices. I think they are sold at Nordstrom's as well (don't quote me on that though).

PLNDR is related to Karmaloop? I have heard of people having pleasant experiences but this will likely be my first purchase with them. Shipping at PLNDR is a flat rate of $3.95 which is nice. I gawk at Gilt charging $10 for shipping but Gilt packaging is lovely so I don't complain about it.

Some picks:

The Isaac Lace Skirt - $25.99

Super versatile looking skirt. I think this could be worn to work as well as for a date. Isn't it lovely?

The Chance Skirt in White $19.99

I love fitted skirts, I have a similar pair of shoes I want to wear with them. It's 95% cotton and 5% spandex and look sheer though.

The Benson Skirt in Periwinkle - $19.99

I love the color, and I assume since it's this short on the model, it'll be ok on me. I think this color will be a great purchase for my fall wardrobe.

The Isaac Skirt in Dirty White - $25.99

So beautiful, I will need to get a dressy top to go with it though. Could potentially be versaile.

The Reagan Jacket in Black - $35.99

It looks good in the photo but I am afraid it might be too long on me.

BB Dakota is a juniors brand so I think they run slightly smaller than the Gap, BR, etc.

You can go to their website or follow the link here (if you follow the link and make a purchase, I get a $10 referral fee. You can also just go to google and make a search and it should come up as the first link too if you don't want to be referred). It's a time limited sale so it'll only be running for about 2 days.

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  1. hello,
    I was browsing through your previous entries and I'm loving that blue skirt and pink blazer combo! To answer your question, my bf took the photos, as he does most of the time.

  2. BB Dakota definitely runs a bit small! I have a dress and hoodie of theirs - decent quality and usually a great price :)

  3. Never heard of this brand but I love the first skirt. Thanks for this sale alert. I will use your referral if I decide to get it.


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