Abercrombie Tiered Floral Dress

August 25, 2010

I found this dress at an A&F outlet in Delaware about two months ago, it was on sale for under $25 (and no sales tax on clothes in DE, woohoo). It was available in all sizes so I picked up this one in XS.

I have to say, when I first bought it I didn't think this particular dress would ever see the light of day but I surprised myself by how often I reach for this particular dress when I am in a rush to get to lunch.

It's a bit too short so sometimes when I have to run around I wear short shorts under it. I think it can be found on ebay now or at outlets if you live by one. In the pictures I tied the bow in the front but you can certainly opt to do it in the back. Super fun summer dress in my opinion and the price is pretty good considering how much I've already worn it.

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  1. I really like the bow tied in front! That dress fits you perfectly and it's such a great summer casual outfit.

    You could even wear it in fall with some tights and a cozy sweater layered on top!

  2. Oh I think it's really cute! I love the Delaware outlets too :)

  3. I think it's a cute outfit. I've never been to an A&F outlet before... I didn't even know they existed until now! haha well here in canada we only have 1 A&F store and that's in toronto

  4. Melissa - thanks for the fall suggestion, I actually haven't thought about that until you pointed out. I will definitely do that, that's a great idea!

    Erin - I love Delaware outlets too...yay for no sales tax!

    Pop Champagne - that's too bad, next time you are in the US you must go to Woodbury Commons in New York, they have a Chanel Outlet (that's kind of lacking in actual inventory) and lots of other premiere designer outlets. Really worth a trip and is a good way to waste a day. I also like the outlet in Delaware for the no sales tax incentive.

  5. Cute dress! I don't think it looks super short on you. It'd also look cute with black tights during the winter time :)

  6. I never knew a&f outlets existed! cute dress on you & really like the neckline.

  7. Oooo this is super cute and girly!!!! It fits you so nicely! It's short but I think it's do-able!!! :)

  8. This is adorable on you! Such a great deal, too! I remember seeing this at the A&F stores. I'm actually quite impressed with their selection of summer dresses this past season and especially when it down to $25!


  9. Goodness you're such a prolific blogger! Not sure why I never ran across your blog before but just added you to my reader list! :)

    Cute dress! I think I might've tried on something similar at an abercrombie kids store... it was too expensive at the time though so I passed.

  10. this is a very cute dress :) i like all the layers!

  11. Cee - thanks! I am beginning to think maybe this is not just a summer dress...haha, I might find ways to keep wearing this dress even in the dead of winter.

    Ping - yes! They do exist...the one in Delaware is the only one I've been to though. They also have a hollister outlet next door to it.

    Really Petite - thanks, I think the length is ok too...just have to remember to not bend over and pick up things. haha.

    Owl - yeah, I think the retail price is pretty steep but the outlet prices are actually pretty good. There were tank tops and camis for less than $5 and lots of cute summery dress when I was there.

    Petite XXS - Thanks for adding me. I love reading your blog and all of your reviews. A&F and all of its associated brands have been slashing prices like crazy though, I've had pretty good finds this year.

    Angie - thanks Angie!

  12. This is super cute! Your legs look great in this dress with the wedges too! :)


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