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Tweed Jacket & Quilted Flap (+ Forever 21 Longline Duster Coat)

A few short weeks separated endless rain, snow, ice, and slush from the tepid weather that made this outfit possible. The first thing I do in the morning these days before unwrapping myself from my blanket burrito is check the weather app on my phone. A day high of 35 will elicit a 45-degree angle fist pump. I practically live for these small victories.

Kate Spade New York Plaid Blanket Scarf + Mid-Week Required Reading

Another recent purchase, in addition to the Madewell Transport Tote from this post, that has moved to the front of my favorites line is the Kate Spade Plaid Blanket Scarf. I was tentative about this purchase because I have been reckless in cold weather gear purchases but fell in love with this scarf immediately.

The style comes in two colorways; the beige one shown in this post is currently sold out online after going on sale but the blue is still available through Bloomingdale's and Lord + Taylor.

Bright Red Coat

With a welter of packages from my turkey day haul scattered on my floor, much of it unopened, the only package that I tore open immediately was one from Madewell. I had been using the medium YSL Cabas Chyc Bag as my primary luggage for shorter trips but it occasionally felt insufficient in size. Madewell's Transport Weekender is better suited for someone of my packing proclivities.
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